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Sc2400 / 2450
Sub-Compact Tractor

01_on.jpg CL100 Loader
Curved boom is constructed from 2" x 5" A500 structural steel, one-piece beam. A 3" round tube with ¼" wall structural steel torque beam attaches the curved boom beams together. Features a heavy-duty 5 cu. ft. bucket with reinforced wear plates. Curved boom design allows for bucket visibility and clear sight lines.

02_on.jpgMM60RSe 60" Mid-Mount Mower
Mid-mount 60" deck with superior vacuum for a cleaner cut. Features an 11-gauge stamped reinforced deck edge and long-lasting roller bearings. Cast-aluminum spindle housings with 7/8" shaft allows for cooler operation. Pulleys are machined from one piece of steel for balance, reducing vibration and wear to the shaft. Includes cast-aluminum gearbox housing with roller bearings and 7/8" input and output shafts. Marbane® high-lift blades harden to a Rockwell 50 rating. This extends the life of the blade while giving a clean cut. QuickAttach™ system allows the deck to be installed and removed quickly. SmartJet™ deck wash system allows a garden hose to be attached to the deck for high-pressure cleaning.

07_on.jpgSB52 Front-Mounted Snowblower
Wide 52" housing is designed to make a wide 52" clearing path, allowing 12" wider than the tractor. Reinforced augers and steel rods are welded to the augers and the auger mounting shaft, making the augers stronger in heavy snow and frozen conditions. PTO-driven power delivered by the tractor's mid-PTO provides smooth, consistent power. Heavy-duty #50 chain final drive delivers stronger, more reliable horsepower for longer life. QuickAttach™ hitch allows for fast attachment and removal of snowblower.

08_on.jpg FB60 60" Dozerblade
Heavy-duty moldboard allows for longer life in all working conditions. The ¼" high-carbon reversible cutting edge gives the blade longer life. Hydraulic power angle provides the operator smooth, precise control. Power down pressure allows the blade to dig into the ground to loosen packed snow. QuickAttach™ hitch makes attaching and detaching easy and fast, and is compatible with the SB52 for added versatility.

10_on.jpg Hard Cab Assembly
 See your Yanmar Dealer for additional information.

11_on.jpgCurved Boom Backhoe
The 6.5' backhoe's curved boom design provides greater reach in the excavation area, the ability to avoid obstacles, deeper dig capabilities, improved lift height and enhanced sight lines. Easy-to-use controls include a float position on the backhoe boom control. This enables anyone to perform fine leveling and grading with virtually no learning curve and gives experienced users the same advantages that they're used to in large backhoe units. (Sc2450 only)

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