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SX3100_CL200_Loader.jpgCL200 Loader
The Sx3100's curved boom loader is constructed out of an oval-shaped curved boom for maximum loader strength.  The sight lines from the operator station to loader bucket are also improved due to the mid-mount design.  A non-universal QuickAttach™ system comes standard for increased versatility.  With better sight lines, improved strength and greater versatility, the CL200 will make doing chores around the property quick and efficient.

SX3100_CB65_Backhoe.jpgCB65 Backhoe
QuickAttach™ system allows you to install or remove the backhoe in minutes as it sets in the cradle with two locking pins.  Single Power Beyond kit powers the backhoe for reliability, control and smooth operation.  Dual swing cylinders allow for precise control of backhoe along foundations and provide more power for backfilling.  Curved boom assembly gives the operator better sight lines when digging.

SX3100_DS60_60_inch_Drive-Over_Select_Cut_System_Deck.jpgMDS60 60" Drive-Over Select Cut SystemsTM Deck
The Drive-Over Select Cut System™ Deck was designed to provide a high-quality professional-grade cut, excellent durability and ease of operation.  A standard striping kit provides a polished, professional look.  The deck can be installed or removed in minutes and is compatible with the backhoe subframe, greatly improving the versatility and productivity of the Sx3100.

SX3100_SB52_Front-Mounted_Snowblower.jpgSB52 Front-Mounted Snowblower
Wide 52" housing is designed to make a wide 52" clearing path. Reinforced augers and steel rods are welded to the augers and the auger mounting shaft, making the augers stronger in heavy snow and frozen conditions.  PTO-driven power delivered by the tractor's mid-PTO provides smooth, consistent power.  Heavy-duty #50 chain final drive delivers stronger, more reliable horsepower for longer life.  QuickAttach™ hitch allows for fast attachment and removal of snowblower.

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