Sub-Compact Tractors

Big tractor features in a sub-compact size.

Compact Tractors

More power, more capability.

Compact Utility Tractors

Premium compact utility tractors that go above and beyond what's expected.






Compact Utility Tractor


LX_SERIES_CL400_Loader_Order_Bucket_Separately.jpgCL400  Loader (Order Bucket Separately)
Curved boom construction allows for better bucket visibility and clear sight lines.  Features a 72" square back bucket with a capacity of 10.6" cu. ft. QuickAttach™ system and optional QuickAttach™ makes attaching and removing the loader quick and easy.  QuickAttach™ pallet forks, bale spear and high-volume bucket also available.

EX450_CB85_Backhoe.jpgCB85  Backhoe
QuickAttach™ system allows you to install or remove the backhoe in minutes as it sets in the cradle with two locking pins.  Single Power Beyond kit powers the backhoe for reliability, control and smooth operation.  Dual swing cylinders allow for precise control of backhoe along foundations and provide more power for backfilling.  Curved boom assembly gives the operator better sight lines when digging.   

EX450_Hard_Cab_Assembly.jpgHard Cab Assembly

See your Yanmar Dealer for additional information.   

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