privacy policy

This site is operated and controlled by Yanmar America Corporation and its group companies, (collectively referred to as "Yanmar"). Yanmar consists of all the companies specified in the Company Outline found in this site.

Yanmar is concerned about protecting its customers' privacy and wants to ensure that its customers know our policy on privacy. Please be advised that Yanmar complies with USA regulations on the protection of private information and strives to safeguard your Private Information.

Please read and understand this privacy policy before you provide any Private Information on this site. Remember that by disclosing your Private Information on this site, you are deemed to have accepted the terms of this policy.

1) Collection of Private Information

For purposes of this site, "Private Information" means the customer's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other information by which an individual can be identified. Yanmar may sometimes request Private Information of our customers through this site for the purpose of registering Yanmar users, receiving customer orders for various services, responding to customer inquiries, providing special offers to its customers, disseminating promotional campaigns, and similar purposes directly related to Yanmar products and services.

Whether a customer supplies Private Information to Yanmar is completely voluntary. By providing their Private Information, the customer agrees that Yanmar may use such information within the bounds of this privacy policy. However, Yanmar agrees that no Private Information will be disclosed in any form or sold to third parties without that person’s prior consent.

Please do not supply any private information if you do not agree with this policy.

2) Distribution of Reference Materials on the Basis of Private Information

We accept inquiries from customers through the Inquiry Corner on this site. Reference materials will only be sent to those customers who request them.

3) Other Uses of Private Information

In order to respond to an individual’s inquiry or request, the individual user agrees and understands that it may be necessary for Yanmar to share their Private Information with other Yanmar group companies. In addition, Private Information may be disclosed to relevant distribution companies to facilitate sending products or reference materials. In such cases, the individual consents to such sharing of Private Information and Yanmar shall impose on such companies the obligation not to use the Private Information of our customers for any other purpose.

4) Security

This site registers users in order to provide them with the best possible service. This important Private Information is protected by SSL encoding and a firewall on a dedicated server to help protect your Private Information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Yanmar provides training to internally and externally in order to improve the handling and security of Private Information.

5) About the Access Log

Yanmar uses the access log of this site to analyze trends in site use and obtain wide-ranging statistical information. This information may consist, for example, of the number of readers of each page, or the amount of time spent on each page, but no such information is gathered in a way that specifically identifies any individual or any individual’s use.

6) Chat Site Management

A chat room might be provided on this site. Although the site is managed by Yanmar, all items recorded on the chat site are regarded as public information so please take what measures you deem necessary to protect your Private Information when using this chatroom.

7) Links

Private Information is not shared with sites linked to this site. Yanmar has no responsibility for the gathering or disclosure of Private Information by linked sites. Please be sure to check the privacy policy of each site you link in order to protect your Private Information.

8) Liability

Yanmar does not, in principle, supply Private Information to any third party without the prior permission of the person it concerns. Private Information may, even so, be divulged under subpoena, police order, consumer protection organization mandate or other legal demand or court order.

9) Amending and Removing Private Information

When an individual wishes to update, change or remove their Private Information from this site, Yanmar agrees to do so in response to such individual’s request.

10) Updating the Privacy Policy

Changes to this Privacy Policy shall be shown on the site so that users can always keep abreast of the current policy on the gathering and uses of Private Information. Please refer to this policy on a regular basis.

11) Views, Problems and Awareness

Please contact us at Inquiries if you believe that this site is in breach of its Privacy Policy. We shall check the problem, reply by e-mail, and endeavor to remedy it as necessary in a suitable manner.