What is a “Gray Market Product?” A simple definition is a trademarked product originally designed and manufactured for use in a foreign market that is imported for resale in the United States without the consent of the owner of the trademark. In this instance, used Yanmar®-brand tractors originally designed and manufactured by Yanmar Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. [“Yanmar”] for intended use in Japan or other countries that are being imported into the United States and sold to U.S. consumers by third parties without Yanmar’s consent or authorization.

The Yanmar®-brand tractors designed for intended use in Japan do not meet U.S. standards and regulations in several respects. They also have other important differences from Yanmar®-brand tractors designed and manufactured for the U.S. market and distributed through authorized channels. Some of these differences can affect the safe operation of the equipment. The purpose of this notice is to warn dealers, potential purchasers and owners and operators of “gray market” Yanmar®-brand tractors of these differences. The most important safety-related differences between "gray market" Yanmar®-brand tractors and those that were designed for the U.S. market and distributed through authorized channels are as follows:


Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) and a seatbelt, certified to U.S. standards, which are recommended or required for tractors in the U.S. market, are not available for gray market tractors. A tractor without ROPS and a seatbelt will, under many circumstances, afford the operator less protection in a rollover accident than a tractor with certified ROPS and a fastened seatbelt.

Power Take-Off (PTO) master shields and guards, required on tractors for the U.S. market, are not normally installed on gray market tractors. These devices are intended to protect from injury inadvertent contact with the rotating PTO shaft.

Gray market tractors generally do not have an over-running clutch on the PTO whereas tractors designed for the U.S. market generally do. When a gray market tractor without such feature is used with a large rotary implement, it is possible for the tractor to continue moving even when the brakes are applied. Such implements are common in the U.S., but not in Japan.

Some gray market tractors are not equipped with a safety start switch. This feature is designed to prevent the tractor from starting in gear and potentially striking or running over an operator who misuses the tractor by starting it from the ground instead of from the operators seat as per Yanmar's instructions.

Pulling on the throttle of a gray market tractor will cause it to accelerate whereas pulling on the throttle of a tractor designed for the U.S. market will cause it to decelerate. This difference can have potential safety consequences for an unsuspecting operator.

Gray market tractors have multiple PTO speeds for operating implements whereas tractors designed for the U.S. market generally have one PTO speed, namely, 540 revolutions per minute (rpm). If a gray market tractor is used with an implement designed for the U.S. market, the implement can be operated at revolution speeds in excess of its 540 rpm design speed, potentially leading to catastrophic failure of the implement and possible injury.

Operators manuals for gray market tractors were written in the Japanese language and are not available from Yanmar in the English language.

Warning decals for gray market tractors were written in the Japanese language and are not available from Yanmar in the English language.

Ryan M. Pott
Yanmar America Corporation
101 International Parkway
Adairsville, GA 30103

Authorized For Sale in the U.S. by Yanmar Co. Ltd.

GT 14 YM 155 SC 2450 YT 347
YM 186D YM 240 SX 3100 YT 347C
YM 122 YM 155D EX 2900 YT 359
YM 187 YM 240D EX 3200 YT 359C
YM 135 YM 165 EX 450
YM 187D YM 276 T 80
YM 135D YM 165D LX 410
YM 195 YM 276D LX 4100
YM 140 YM 169 LX 450
YM 195D YM 330 LX 4500
YM 140D YM 169D LX 490
YM 220 YM 330D LX 4900
YM 146 YM 180 221
YM 220D YM 336 324
YM 147 YM 180D 424
YM 226 YM 336D 424DHX
YM 147D YM 186 YT 235
YM 226D SC 2400 YT 235C


ModelMachine Serial number
B17-2B30501 and after
B22-2B60501 and after
B27-2B65001 and after
B37-2B60501 to 60800
B37-2B65001 and after
B50-2B60501 to 61145
B50-2B60501 and after
B1400501 and after
B15-3BK11A26026 & after
B08-300501 and after
SV08-110501 and after
SV08-1A14001 and after
Vio15-220501 and after
Vio15-2A27501 and after
Vio1700501 and after
Vio20-220501 and after
Vio20-330501 and after
Vio27-220501 and after
Vio27-330501 and after
Vio27-550501 and after
Vio27-5B53001 and after
Vio35-220501 and after
Vio35-330501 and after
Vio35-550501 and after
Vio35-5B53001 and after
Vio40-220501 and after
Vio40-2A25501 and after
Vio40-330501 and after
Vio45-550501 and after
Vio45-5B53001 and after
Vio50-220501 and after
Vio50-2A25501 and after
Vio50-330501 and after
Vio55-550501 and after
Vio55-5B53001 and after
Vio7005001 and after
Vio7500501 and after
Vio75-A10501 and after
Vio75-C15001 and after
Vio8090501 and after
B7-330501 and after
B7-5A57501 and after
SV10000501 and after
SV100-110501 and after

Backhoe Loaders

ModelMachine Serial number
CBL4000501 and after


ModelMachine Serial number
C12R20501 and after
C12R-A22501 and after
C12R-B25001 and after
C30R-US00501 and after
C30RUS-2B01001 & after
C50R-340501 and after
C50R-3A41501 and after
C50R-3B45501 and after


ModelMachine Serial number
V3-331001 and after
V4-331001 and after
V3-500001 and after
V4-500001 and after
V3-5A53001 and after
V4-5A52001 and after
V4-5B52501 and after
V4-5D53001 and after