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Improvement for Working Space Comfort (Prediction of Tractor Vibration)

It is important to predict noise and vibration for the comfort of tractor driver. In this study, we are focus on the tractor vibration of on-road running. First, the phenomena of the vibration is investigated, it is influenced by the tire natural modes. Next, a tire is modeled by rigid ring, which could adopt roughness […]

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Introduction to Yanmar America (YA)

For more than one hundred years, Yanmar has been developing the world’s leading engine technologies and products to enrich people’s lives and create a more sustainable future. Founded by Magokichi Yamaoka in Osaka, Japan and now operating in countries across the globe, the company expanded to the North and South American markets in 1950. Today, […]

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The New TNV Engine Series : World’s First Engine Complies with Swiss PN Regulations

The new TNV engine series was developed to satisfy customer demand while complying with strict emission regulations. Yanmar’s advanced combustion technology using a common rail injection system and cooled exhaust gas recirculation, which is controlled by a unique correction method, are used to achieve better engine performance. An exhaust after-treatment system is adopted for cleaner […]

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