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Tractor Quick Reference Guides

We will always recommend a tractor’s operator’s manual as the ultimate and best source of instruction and information for correct tractor operation. However, we also understand that your most limited asset is time. Sometimes you can't spend too much of your time flipping through a manual that may have hundreds of pages. Fortunately, Yanmar has taken your time into consideration with the creation of quick reference guides for the YT Series tractors (the Models YT235, YT347, and YT359). These Quick Operation and Quick Maintenance guides will answer many common and frequently asked questions from first-time tractor operators and your questions when you’ve been off the tractor for a while and need a refresh of your operator knowledge.

The quick reference guides are located behind the seat with the operator’s manual. Both the YT2 and YT3 tractors have Quick Operation guides that should help you get your tractor started and set for work with ease. The YT3 Quick Operation guide for example goes into detail about how the A/B mode, auto throttle, throttle boost, anti-stall and cruise control work. If you are purchasing a new tractor, you may want to check with the dealer about availability of a quick reference guide. If one is available, it’s a good idea to go through it together with the dealer as a valuable part of receiving your introductory tractor training from the dealer.

To be clear, quick reference guides are no substitute for the operator’s manual. Operator’s manuals cover crucial safety instructions in detail. The operator manual has instructions that can help you succeed at the countless tractor applications that are possible. The operator’s manual guidance about longer term maintenance and adjustments helps you achieve a long service life from your tractor and attachments.

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