SolisĀ 50 4WD

Solis 50 4WD

Solis 50 4WD

The SOLIS 50 tractor is a notably powerful, gear-transmission utility tractor that is built with the weight and designed-in durability to live up to the SOLIS product line promise of being a Tough, Rugged, Value tractor. The SOLIS 50 is engineered to provide the tractor weight and strength to hold up to years of hard work in tough conditions and climate extremes.

  • 4WD
  • Dual Rear Remotes
  • Up to 2,700 lbs Lift Capacity with Self-Level Skid Steer


As is found throughout the SOLIS tractor line-up, the SOLIS 50 4WD uses a simple and rugged gear transmission. That long-lasting and affordable transmission is combined with an efficient, powerful, and heavily constructed diesel engine.

With the SOLIS 50 and its 50 horsepower you obtain a utility-tractor design that can handle the bigger tractor jobs. With a tractor like the SOLIS 50 you can get more done faster, beat the weather, finish jobs in season, and end up with more time to relax.

Solis 50 4WD



Engine Model 3102 EL, Inline FIP with Coldstart
HP Category 50HP
Number of Cylinders 3
Aspiration Natural
Cubic Capacity (ci) 176.54
Rated RPM (+/- 25mm) 2100


Drive 4WD
Clutch Dual
Gearbox 8F+2R
Transmission Type Mechanical, Constant Mesh


Type Oil Immersed Brakes
Type of Actuation Mechanical, Foot operated 

Differential Lock



PTO HP 40.92
PTO (rpm) 540@1680
PTO (actuation) Mechanical, Hand Operated
Power Take Off (PTO) Power HP (kW) 40.92 (30.51 kW)
Type Mechanical, Hand Operated


Power Steering


3-point linkage CAT-II
3-point lift capacity @ ball ends (Lbs) 3,527
Auxilliary hydraulic circuit 2DA
Implement hydraulic flow (GPM) 5.8
Steering hyrdaulic flow (GPM) 4.17


Fuel tank 17 gal (64.35 L)


AG - Front 9.5x20
AG - Rear 13.6x28

Dimensions & Weights

Weight (lbs) 6,045
Wheel Base 86.62 in
Total Length (in) 150.4
Total Width (in) 71.3
Height (in) Up to ROPS 97.3 Up to ROPS

Warranty and service

A 5 year limited warranty on the powertrain is standard on all new Yanmar Utility tractor purchases. Yanmar attachments are covered by a one-year limited warranty.

Two different types of Solis tractors lined up diagonally left.