Utility Tractors

If loader work tops your task list, look no further than the SOLIS utility tractors. We invite you to inspect the Solis line-up of utility tractors. When you look at Solis you see higher bare tractor weight, loader lift capacity, 3-point-hitch lift capacity and other key specifications make the SOLIS utility tractors extremely capable machines.

The Solis 40 and 50 tractors are available with a SOLIS front-end loader designed and built to match both the power and weight of Solis tractors. SOLIS loaders come standard as skid steer quick attach, a universal industry standard allowing the loader to use any compatible attachment.

Solis 40 2WD

40 HP 2WD tractor
  • Standard Self-Leveling Loader with Quick Steer Attach
  • Dual Rear Remotes
  • 40 Horsepower
  • 2WD only
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Solis 50 2WD

50 HP 2WD tractor   
  • 2WD            
  • Dual Rear Remotes
  • Self-Level Skid Steer
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Solis 50 4WD

50 HP 4WD tractor
  • 4WD           
  • Dual Rear Remotes
  • Up to 2,700 lbs Lift Capacity with Self-Level Skid Steer
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Solis 60 4WD

60 HP 4WD tractor
  • 12x12 gear transmission
  • ITL engine
  • Lengthened wheelbase
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Find the tractor to shape your new life

Check to see if your nearest Yanmar dealer carries Solis Utility Tractors and attachments.

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  • Find the right equipment for you
  • Get hands-on with the controls
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