Flexwing Rotary Cutter

An innovative design --purpose-built for smaller, more fuel-efficient tractors -- gives you acreage-eating cutting width matched to your higher horsepower compact tractor. Make short work of pasture brush control, waterway maintenance, or municipal vegetation management.
*see dealer for options pricing

Model YRC144
Tractor PTO HP 35 Minimum
Cutting Height Range (in.) 2-12"
Cutting Capacity (in.) 1-1.5"
Blade Tip Speed (fpm) 14,300 fpm center/ 14,900 fpm tip
Approximate Weight (lbs.) 2,450
Blade Dimensions (in.) 0.5 x 4"
Cutting Area Shielding Standard Chain Shielding
Main Driveline Cat 4
Wing Driveline Cat 3
Tractor Hitch Swivel Clevis
Cutting Swath (in.) 144"
Side Frame Depth (in.) 10"
Deck Thickness (in.) 12 Gauge
Hinges/Hinge Rod Diameter (in.) 1"
Vertical Shaft Size (in.) 2"
Splitter/Spindle Gearbox HP 160 / 90 HP
Blade Type Blade Bolt, Hi-Tilt
Blade Overlap (in.) 6"
Hydraulics Wing Flex 90 degrees up, 22 degrees down
Suspension Spring on Center
Wheel Type Options Laminated, Used Aircraft, Foam-Filled Aircraft
Gearbox Warranty (limited) 6 Years