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When it comes to land maintenance, Mowers, Inc. is the trusted name to help you discover the right tractor, attachments, or parts. If you're in Sarasota, we're conveniently situated to assist you in selecting the perfect tractor and answering all your questions. Yanmar dealers are your go-to source for attachments as well! Whether you're working on digging, harvesting, or any other project, we have tractor attachments, including planting kits. For all your agriculture and landscaping needs in Florida, a Yanmar dealer is the ideal business partner.

Frequenty Asked Questions

  • All new Yanmar tractors come with a 10-year limited powertrain warranty or 3,000 hours (whichever comes first). Thanks to our long history of designing and building premium tractors that are known for their durability, we are able to confidently provide the best industry-leading warranty on the market.

  • Unlike competitors, the production of Yanmar's integral drivetrain components is all in-house, which means the engine, transmission, front axle, and final drive components work together perfectly by design. This allows us to offer unmatched quality, improved efficiency, and smoother operation. That's why we're the best partner for agriculture and land maintenance.

  • Of course! If you want to see the different Yanmar options available before your dealer visit, check out our custom tractor builder.