Custom Tractor Builder

To help you compare different sizes and configurations of Yanmar tractors, prices presented in the Yanmar tractor configurator are in the form of manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP). Dealer pricing may vary. Depending on your configuration, dealer installation fees and additional parts may apply. Once you finish your selections, you may choose to email the information to your closest dealer to assist.

Let’s build your new Yanmar Tractor!

Select a Series

  • SA Series
    SA Series
    • Popular for less than 25 acres
    • 22- or 24-horsepower
    • MSRP as low as $12,082
  • YT2 Series
    YT2 Series
    • Popular for 10 to 50 acres
    • 35-horsepower
    • MSRP as low as $24,150
  • YT3 Series
    YT3 Series
    • Popular for 25 acres or more
    • 47- or 59-horsepower
    • MSRP as low as $33,731