Posthole Digger

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yanmar post hole digger in action on grass land
yanmar post hole digger in action on grass land

Holes. It’s all they do.

But you will be surprised by how many ways holes in the ground are useful. Make short work of miles of fence line, a sturdy new deck or an acreage full of new plants and shrubs.

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With their heavy-duty, welded construction, rugged gearbox with tapered roller bearing, springloaded seals and forged-steel teeth, these posthole diggers won’t back down from tough soil conditions. Add a range of auger bit diameters and you’ve got just the right tool for landscaping, farming or municipal jobs.


  • 3 auger bit options.

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When there’s heavy lifting to be done, count on the tractor attachments from Yanmar to handle the job. The powerful claw grapple is perfect for moving a wide variety of objects including logs, rocks, brush, and more with ease. Whether you’re building miles of fence line or adding new trees to the landscape, the posthole digger will save you significant time and effort. With heavy-duty welded construction and forged-steel teeth, it’s ready for the toughest soil conditions. Explore your options and find the right digging, lifting, and moving attachments for your land.