Rotary Cutter

Learn about our 10-year limited powertrain warranty.
yanmar rotary cutter
yanmar rotary cutter
yanmar rotary cutter
yanmar rotary cutter

Quickly cut down weeds, brush and your list of chores.

Whether you’re clearing brush along miles of fence line, maintaining a roadway or just keeping weeds in check in an orchard or on a large property, these single-spindle rotary cutters sized for compact tractors help you make short work of anything that’s growing where you don’t want it to. Each features a rugged frame, a smooth, slope-top deck and quick-change blades built to easily handle the toughest conditions.

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  • Ideal for tractors 15 – 50 hp
  • 3-point hitch: Limited CAT 1 & CAT 1
  • Quick change pins
  • 3-year limited gearbox warranty

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skid shoesFull-length skid shoes are a standard feature, allowing cutter to glide easily over rough terrain.

chain shieldingOptional Chain shielding

Your land. Your tractor.

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Whether you have acres of brush to clear or want your lawn looking immaculate, Yanmar’s vegetation management attachments are more than up to the task. Take care of anything growing where you don’t want it to with the tough and durable single-spindle rotary cutter. Or, get a golf course finish on your grass with our tractor mowing attachments that are engineered for speed and precision. No matter what your landscape looks like, you can count on Yanmar’s vegetation management attachments for your compact tractor.