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yanmar ym342 red compact tractor quarter angle right
Yanmar YM3 Tractor Road Show
red yanmar right angle of multi-purpose compact tractor
yanmar ym 342 compact tractor front
yanmar ym 342 compact tractor back
yanmar ym342 red compact tractor quarter angle right
nick pomeroy pr equipment tractor road show video
yanmar ym3 compact tractor series man driving
red yanmar right angle of multi-purpose compact tractor
yanmar ym 342 compact tractor front
yanmar ym 342 compact tractor back

Multi-purpose Compact Tractor

After nearly 30 years, 2021 marks the return of Yanmar America’s classic YM tractor series, operating in the 42 to 59 horsepower range. This series features tractors for the next generation of traditionalists - those looking for the features, benefits, and 10-year warranty associated with the Yanmar brand, with a nod to their family tractor from years past.

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Old school work ethic with new school technology.  

The original YM series tractors were referred to as “the over achievers” – and with features like 540 economy PTO, 2,500lb lift capacity, and Yanmar’s proven performance link technology – that legacy continues with the YM3.

The YM342 is equipped with a 41 horspower engine and a maximum traveling speed of up to 17.7mph


  • Synchronized shuttle shift
  • Single rear remote
  • 15.3" ground clearance
  • Wide 72" bucket
  • Convenience designed in
  • Versatility with attachments
  • Flat iSO mount floorboard with anti-slip step
  • More power on the ground
  • Comfort and efficiency built right in

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PowerMore Power On The Ground:

Synchronized shuttle shift allows you to quickly change between forward and reverse allowing effortless loader work.  Suitable for grading, material handling, and moving bales of hay. Gear Drive transmission combines with Yanmar diesel engine to give you high torque and more usable PTO Power.


The YM3 series tractors are designed with comfort, efficiency, and versatility.  Designed with an adjustable suspension seat and a flat isolation mounted floorboard design for the maximum comfort during operation.

VersitileVersatility With Attachments:

Compatible with both category 1 and category 2 attachments. A telescopic hitch arm provides ease and convenience with small adjustments for quick attachment mounting. Heavy duty, pin style sway bars keep your attachment securely in place.

Gas TankConvenience Designed-In:

The lower fuel tank positioning allows for quick and easy fueling. A larger fuel capacity increases productivity in the field and keeps you working longer between stops.

Your land. Your tractor.

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