How to Clean Your Brahma UTV Air Filter

To keep your Brahma UTV operating at its peak, you’ll want to perform regular maintenance and daily checks. One of these key maintenance tasks is cleaning your UTV air filter. Running with a clogged, damaged, or dirty air filter can cause poor engine performance, increased oil consumption, and even lead to engine damage. 

Here’s how (and how often) to check, clean, and replace your Brahma UTV air filter to ensure many more years of smooth operation.  

How Often to Clean Your Brahma UTV Air Filter

Your Brahma UTV air filter should be cleaned about every 20-40 hours of vehicle operation (when operating under normal conditions). If you are operating your UTV in especially dusty areas, this task should be completed even more frequently. 

Equipment Needed to Clean Your Brahma UTV Air Filter

Before you begin, ensure that you have everything you need to clean your UTV air filter.  

  • Air compressor. We recommend cleaning your UTV air filter using compressed air, not water. You’ll need an air compressor that can give you a PSI between 52 and 71.
  • Shop rags. You’ll be using a damp cloth to wipe both the air cleaner housing and the dust ejector valve. 

How to Clean Your Brahma UTV Air Filter

Before we begin, let’s talk about safety. Make sure your UTV is in neutral position, parked on level ground, with the parking brake set. The engine should be off, and the key removed from the ignition. 

All set? 

1. Locate the Air Filter

The air filter is located under the cargo bed. Raise up the cargo bed to gain access. 

2. Remove the Air Filter 

Unlock the latches that secure the filter in its housing and pull open the compartment. Then remove the air filter. Now it’s time to give it a good clean.

3. Clean the Air Filter

To clean the air filter, don’t use water! Use compressed air, moving the air hose from the inside of the filter toward the outside. Be sure not to apply excessive pressure, as this could damage the filter. We recommend using between 52 and 71 PSI. 

4. Wipe the Air Cleaner Housing 

After blowing out the filter with the compressed air, use a damp cloth to clean the inside of the air cleaner housing (where the air filter sits).  

5. Clean the Dust Ejector

Also remember to wipe clean the dust ejector valve with a damp cloth. 

6. Inspect the Air Filter 

Before placing the air filter back into the compartment, be sure to closely inspect for glue deterioration or separation, tears in the filter element, or damage to the air box sealing surface. Even a small tear or hole in the element could allow dirt or sand to enter the engine, causing increased wear, oil consumption, and possible engine damage. 

7. Replace Filter if Necessary

If, after cleaning and inspection, you find that the air filter is extremely dirty, wet, or deteriorated, replace it with a new Yanmar air filter. You can purchase a new filter from any authorized Yanmar dealer.   

8. Reinstall Air Filter

If your filter appears to be in good condition after cleaning, reinstall the existing filter, lock it back into place, and lower the cargo bed. 

Your UTV air filter change is complete!  

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At Yanmar, we’ve designed your Brahma UTV so it’s incredibly easy to use and maintain. If you ever have questions about your vehicle’s maintenance or operation, we’re here to help. Connect with us online or give us a call at 678-551-7369.

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