Calling An Audible: Yanmar's Precision Super Seeders And Food Plot

Complete 3 jobs at once, all before half-time. 

We’re closing in on a couple of seasons near and dear to us all; hunting and football. If you’ve procrastinated on starting your food plot, Yanmar can help so you’re not working on your food plot while your team is about to kickoff.

Yanmar precision super seeders (YPS) or its strong little brother, Yanmar food plot seeders (YFS) will help you tackle those food plot projects so you’ll never miss a down. With the YPS, you accomplish two, even three things, at once. How?

The YPS (and YFS) features some important components enabling you to run any play in less than half the time. These components are: disc harrows, roller spikes, up to three seed box options, and a cultipacker. The height-adjustable disc harrows or roller spikes break apart the ground and come before the seed boxes. The seed boxes allow you to plant a variety of seeds at different sizes thanks to the different box options. You can adjust the rate that each seed box plants by adjusting the mouth opening. Now, you can plant one seed type in rows while broadcasting other seeds. The adjustable spikes would then spear holes into the earth at your preferred depth, ensuring each seed arrives at its appropriate depth for the best amount of nutrition and fertilization for good germination. Finally, the cultipacker covers up the holes and firms the soil.

Amazingly, one attachment accomplishes all these tasks with only one pass. The same tasks once required at least three different attachments and triple the time. So get more done faster and relax. Happy hunting and get ready to have enough free time to enjoy another season of gridiron glory.

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