Faster, Simpler Driveway & Trail Maintenance

Attachments: there are so many to choose from!

Rear attachments in particular have many uses and capabilities, but the many choices may overwhelm you. If maintaining an unpaved driveway, field roads or trails is on your tractor use agenda, we recommend considering the grading scraper attachment for your compact tractor.

The grading scraper tends to require less operator practice and experience to get satisfactory results because it has a lower carrying capacity (as compared to a box scraper for example). The grading scraper is an especially good attachment if you will be mainly working with gravel driveways or finish grading types of landscaping work. You lower the scraper to the ground, adjust the cutting angle using the top link, and then drive along the driveway numerous times. By design, the grading scraper — in a very controlled way — loosens, evenly spreads, levels and lightly firms the material you are grading – all at once with every pass.

The grading scraper is an excellent attachment to consider for anyone with a gravel driveway or landscaping needs. Easy-to-use and effective, the grading scraper will help you get more done in less time.

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