Prep Your Tractor for Snow Removal

When the seasons change, so does your day-to-day routine. Staying ahead of the changes in weather will ensure you spend less time reacting and more time being productive. No matter how many inches of snow you get each winter, you’ll be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way when you prep your tractor for snow removal in advance.

Steps for Snow Removal Preparation

To get the most out of your machine, use these steps to start preparing your tractor for snow removal:

Check the Coolant

If your tractor has been working hard all summer, you’ll want to make sure everything is adjusted appropriately before the cold weather hits. One of the most important elements to check is the coolant. If the level is low, top it off and make sure it has the correct mixture for upcoming winter temperatures. This will help ensure none of the components freeze up in the elements, preventing unnecessary downtime and costly repairs.

Test the Battery

Cold weather can slow everything down, including your battery. Batteries should last for several years, but if you’re noticing your tractor is slow to turn over when the temperatures start to drop, it’s worth a quick inspection. 

First, check the battery visually. Look for any broken or corroded terminals and wires, cracks or splits in the battery casing, and fluid leaks. If everything passes the visual inspection, move on to testing the voltage.

Voltage can easily be tested at home with a voltage meter. For a consistent battery that starts right up in winter conditions, you should be getting a reading that’s above 10 volts. If you’re consistently testing below this level, it’s time for a new battery.

Adjust the Tires

Proper tire pressure is essential to getting top performance from your tractor. Tires that are underinflated by just 10% can reduce their lifespan by as much as 15%. Having the right tire pressure levels will ensure you have the best possible traction when things get slick as well as help your tractor perform at full capacity. If you’ll be working on a steep grade or in especially icy conditions, you may want to consider a set of chains for added traction.

Look at the Lighting

The arrival of winter means less daylight. If you’ve been operating primarily during daytime hours, give all of the lighting elements a once-over before you’re left in the dark. This not only helps you operate more effectively, but also keeps you safe when snow is blowing and visibility is low.

Snow Removal Attachments

With the right snow removal attachments for your Yanmar tractor, clearing snow is simple and effective. Transitioning between seasons is especially easy using the quick hitch.

Yanmar Quick Hitch

It’s compatible with most Yanmar attachments and allows you to change from one 3-point hitch to another without having to enlist the help of additional tools.

Snow Blades

When your neighbors see you clearing snow with ease using a Yanmar snow blade, you’re probably going to make a lot of new friends. There are two options available to meet your plowing needs: the front hitch snow blade and the front loader snow blade.

Both are premium attachments designed to move serious amounts of snow. They have a width of 72 inches and height of 23 inches, allowing you to make quick work of clearing roads and driveways. The front hitch and front loader can also be adjusted manually with five different angle positions to help you match the terrain.

To protect your steel cutting edge, both attachment options have adjustable skid shoes. This allows for quick adjustment and replacement. It also helps to extend the life of the blade. With the simplicity of attaching these snow blades to your tractor, not much additional prep work is required.

Snow Blowers

When the snow keeps falling, you can rest assured it will get cleared quickly with the Yanmar snow blower attachment. Rugged and dependable, it can handle all types of snow from heavy and wet to crusted and icy.

Snow Blower Attachment

With a two-stage design, the snow blower can provide more throwing force with less horsepower. The 4-blade fan is incredibly efficient at moving snow fast, and the discharge chute has been engineered to resist plugging. The chute also rotates 270 degrees giving you precise control over where you put the snow. 

All snow blower models are compatible with the quick hitch, allowing you to be ready to go as soon as the first winter storm hits.

Find a Yanmar Dealer for Snow Removal Equipment

A tractor is a useful year-round tool that’s especially handy in the wintertime. Make sure you’re staying ahead of the seasons by finding a Yanmar dealer near you to get all of the essential snow removal equipment. When you prepare your tractor for snow removal early, winter won’t catch you off guard.


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