SA Series Tractor Backhoe Removal and Install

Yanmar SA Series Tractors

Yanmar SA Series tractors are some of the most versatile and popular sub-compact tractors on the market. When you choose a model like the SA221 or SA324, you get the best of both power and maneuverability.

Thanks to their sub-compact size, they can navigate some of the tightest spaces your property has to offer, while also parking easily in the garage or shed. At the same time, these tractors offer as much as 1,200 pounds of front lift capacity at the pivot pin and up to 24 horsepower.

How to Remove Your SA Series Backhoe

Removing the backhoe from your SA Series tractor might be easier than you think. The only equipment required are gloves and three, six-inch wood blocks. While removing the backhoe, always stand between the rear tire and the stabilizer arm for safety. Here are the steps you need to know to complete the process.

  1. Park your tractor on a firm, level surface with the range lever set to N, the parking brake locked, and the engine running at idle.
  2. Remove the transporter bar and swing lock pin. Then, center the backhoe boom.
  3. Lower the left and right stabilizers to the ground to take weight off the rear tires.
  4. Using the control levers, lower the boom and arm to form a 90-degree angle and rest the bucket on the ground. This will make it easier to make small adjustments during the process.
  5. Now, remove both locking pins from the pin assemblies. If the pins do not release easily, using the boom, bucket, and stabilizers will help relieve pressure.
  6. With both locking pins removed, raise the boom to tilt the backhoe frame forward and away from the main subframe. 
  7. Raise the stabilizers to lower the backhoe. When the backhoe brackets are out of the hooks, lower the backhoe approximately one and one-half inches. In some cases it may be necessary to move the tractor slightly forward to clear the backhoe brackets.
  8. Next, place your three wood blocks under the backhoe mainframe. With the blocks in place, lower the stabilizers to the storage position until the frame is resting on the blocks. In the storage position, the boom and arm should be at a 90-degree angle.
  9. Turn off the tractor and rotate the loader lever to relieve hydraulic pressure. Then, disconnect the hydraulics between the tractor and the backhoe. Connect the hydraulics of the backhoe together for storage.
  10. Start the tractor, release the parking brake, and slowly pull forward. Your backhoe removal is now complete.

How to Install Your SA Series Backhoe

If you’ve been through the process of removing the backhoe from your SA Series tractor, installing it should be simple. These are the steps to follow.

  1. Slowly back the tractor into position, ensuring the tractor brackets and backhoe hooks are aligned. Set the parking brake and turn off the engine.
  2. Relieve any hydraulic pressure by rotating the loader handle. Then, disconnect the tractor hydraulics and backhoe hydraulics that were coupled together for storage. Connect the backhoe hydraulics to the tractor.
  3. Start your tractor and run at an idle. Lower the stabilizer arms to raise the backhoe until the hooks are over the tractor pins. Slowly back the tractor into the backhoe subframe if needed.
  4. Raise the stabilizers to seat the backhoe mainframe into the mounting hooks of the subframe. Then, lower the boom to move the backhoe mainframe until upper-mounting pinholes are aligned. Use the stabilizers, bucket, and boom to align the upper-mounting pinholes if needed.
  5. Once aligned, insert pin assemblies and locking pins on both sides. Place the transport lock onto the pin and secure it with a hairpin clip. Finally, place the swing lock pin into the transport position hole and attach the lynch pin to secure it.
  6. Raise the stabilizers and the boom and arm to a curl travel position. The backhoe is now installed on your SA Series tractor.

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