To Use The Differential Lock, Use The Brake

Using Your Tractor's Differential Lock

Do you know all the standard features on your Yanmar SA Series tractor?

Have you ever wished your Yanmar 221, 324 or 424 tractor had a differential lock? If so, we have some good news: it already does.

To activate the differential lock on your 221, 324 or 424 SA Series tractor, simply press the brake pedal just an inch or two. Pressing the brake pedal will automatically activate the differential lock before the brakes engage. So the next time you need a little extra traction, press the brake pedal to the point just before the brakes engage.

Note: once you press and engage the differential lock, the tractor will tend to not want to turn. The two rear wheels are essentially locked together making the tractor want to travel only in a straight line. To improve steering, disengage the differential lock by releasing the brake pedal. It may take a few feet of travel for the differential lock to disengage.

Pressing the brake pedal with your foot may be difficult while pressing the drive pedal at the same time. Due to its high-mounted position, you can press the brake pedal with your hand. If that is not comfortable for you, Yanmar does make a differential lock kit which adds an additional pedal that can be pressed with your left foot. The kit is now available at Yanmar dealerships and can be installed onto your tractor in about an hour.

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