Tractors Fueled by Flexibility

When the sun strikes your shoulders and sweat drips down your brow, there’s nothing better than knowing your tractor is there to work as hard as you are. Any job you toss at a Yanmar, whether it be on your hobby farm or property with acres stretching farther than you can see, it’ll handle. And then some. 

To meet the needs of a diverse set of farmers and ranchers, landowners, and ag operators, a Yanmar diesel-fueled tractor needs to be versatile, flexible, and easy to operate.

Business Tractor Brawn

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean you should compromise on horsepower. Our Yanmar SA Series boasts a 20-25 horsepower diesel engine, the perfect amount of brawn for 2-25 acres. Whether you own a hobby farm, a pumpkin patch, or just need a tractor to manage your land, this is the Yanmar machine for you. 

All of our tractors are multi-purpose, including our sub-compact models. SA Series tractors pack the power usually only found in bigger machines. That means you’ll be doing some serious work like mowing, planting, digging, and plowing. 

Flexibility doesn’t only mean tackling any task. It means the whole family can use your Yanmar. Smooth hydraulic power steering delivers almost no kickback. At last a tractor your whole family can operate.

Your Local Municipality Meets Yanmar Muscle

Yanmar tractors are for more than personal and professional use. We work with the government to make sure our diesel engines balance power with emission standards. Innovative Yanmar diesel engines are built with fuel-injection systems and combustion chambers. 

Maintaining the beauty of local communities isn’t always an easy gig. Townships and villages often turn to Yanmar tractors so they can keep their parks pristine and public lands accessible. This is the spirit behind flexibility. No matter the task, no matter the driver, you can get your to-do list done.

Flexible Attachments Meant for Small Ag

Nothing handles a modest farm better than a Yanmar YT3 Series. Our exclusive i-HMT design converts horsepower from a 4-cylinder diesel engine into energy powering the attachments you need on the farm. 

Tractor accessories are like tools on your toolbelt. If you manage a lot of land, no matter what you’re producing, Yanmar tractor attachments break up soil effectively and open up the ground for oxygen and nutrients to reach your crop. 

  • Food plot seeders empower you to plant with confidence. Establish, maintain, and replant food plots with added flexibility to tackle many other seeding tasks too. 
  • Disc harrows are tillage beasts. Their rugged build can break up soil for planting, seeding, or landscaping. 
  • Precision seeders give you flexibility so you can handle primary seeding, over-seeding, and special applications. 

Want to know more about taming your land and embracing the rural lifestyle? Dig into our Landowner’s Planner and make your country dream a reality.


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