Unboxing the Yanmar Maintenance Kit

Maintenance is a key component to any high-performance machine. Instead of spending time searching around for the parts you need, the Yanmar maintenance kit puts them together in one simple package. Learn why the Yanmar maintenance kit is such a valuable resource, and how you can find the right option for your tractor.

Benefits of the Yanmar Maintenance Kit

When you ask any operator about their favorite part of owning a Yanmar tractor, reliability often tops the list. In addition to our industry-leading, 10-year limited powertrain warranty, all major drivetrain components -- engine, transmission, and axles -- are manufactured in-house. This means we understand our machines inside and out.

With everything designed to work together in harmony, parts should be no different. For each Yanmar tractor model we offer a maintenance kit that covers the parts you need for routine maintenance in one box. Besides convenience, the benefits are numerous.

  • Kits are 100% genuine Yanmar parts. Each component is crafted to precisely meet all technical and performance requirements. There’s no need to compromise or settle for the closest thing on hand. 
  • Stop searching and save valuable time. Each minute you’re trying to track down individual components is productivity lost. With the essentials packaged together, you’re not spending time running all over town.
  • Packaging together saves money. By purchasing a maintenance kit with everything combined, it typically saves about 10% over buying each component individually.
  • Available from authorized dealers. The Yanmar dealer network is the best place to find the right maintenance kit for your tractor. This makes it convenient for you to find locally, and offers expert help to answer any upkeep questions you may have.

What’s in the Yanmar Maintenance Kit?

Whether you’re operating the SA Series or the YT3 Series, each Yanmar maintenance kit is specifically designed to meet the needs of your machine and can be purchased directly from Yanmar dealers. These are some of the common elements included:

  • Engine Oil Filter
  • Fuel Filter
  • Fuel Seperator
  • Transmission Fluid Filter
  • Air Filter
  • Yanmar Engine Oil

Daily Maintenance Checklist

While a maintenance kit provides peace of mind knowing you have the right parts when you need them, there are a few simple steps you can take each day to maximize performance and longevity. Here’s a quick checklist to run through before you get to work.

Engine Oil

Your engine oil shouldn’t fluctuate much on a daily basis, but regularly monitoring levels will prevent any surprises in the field. Make sure your engine oil falls between the upper and lower limits indicated on the dipstick.


The right coolant level plays an important role in both warm and cold weather. It prevents your engine from overheating in the summer months and freezing up in the winter. When the engine is warm, coolant should be between the upper and lower limits marked on the tank.

Air Cleaner

Easily accessed without tools, the air cleaner consists of an inner and outer filter. After removing the filter from its canister, give it a quick shot of compressed air inside the element to clear out any dust.

Fuel Tank

It’s common sense that you’d top off your fuel tank prior to starting work for the day. However, when you’re working in dusty and dirty environments, debris can easily contaminate the fuel tank. Before a fill, clean up the area surrounding the tank to ensure nothing extra gets in.

Water Separator

In addition to keeping dirt and debris out of your fuel tank, you should also check the water separator. This device collects excess water from diesel fuel to prevent it from reaching other parts of the engine. If you notice the red ring rising from the bottom of the separator, turn off the fuel valve, loosen the drain valve, and let it drain until the red ring returns to the bottom.

Grease Points

Anywhere your tractor has fittings such as the tie rods or pedal rods should be lubricated regularly. The general frequency recommendation is daily for wet and muddy conditions, or roughly every 50 operating hours for all other conditions.

Yanmar Quick Reference Guides

The importance of regular maintenance is critical, but that doesn’t mean you have the time to comb through the entire operator’s manual each time you need information. Luckily, that’s where Yanmar quick reference guides come in. Available for both the SA and YT Series, they answer the most common questions about your tractor and cover regular maintenance procedures. You can typically find the quick reference guide behind the seat with the operator’s manual.

Where to Buy a Yanmar Maintenance Kit

If you want to make sure you have genuine Yanmar parts available when you need them, always keep a maintenance kit handy. It’s easy to find an authorized Yanmar dealer near you who stocks the maintenance kit for your specific machine, and can answer any questions you have about service and maintenance. 

Find a Dealer

With some simple maintenance and preparation, you can make sure your Yanmar tractor is running for generations to come.

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