Three Words, One Best-in-Class Tractor

Some things in life aren't easy. One thing that is? Choosing Yanmar based on our reliable, proven performance.

We aren’t storytellers or romantics, daydreamers or wishful thinkers. The people at Yanmar, just like you, get to work and do it with gusto. But when we speak to the Yanmar faithful, our family reaching from coast to coast, we hear some things we can’t help but be proud of. 

What makes a machine great? How do you choose the best tractor for your hard-earned cash? We didn’t become the #1 ranked tractor in product quality three years in a row by accident. We did it by building durable mid-size and compact tractors that provide proven, reliable performance, no matter what your land demands.

#1 Ranked Tractor Reliability

“We don’t see them back for repairs. Yanmar makes them from front to back.”

- Wisconsin Yanmar Dealer

The window farmers and large property owners have to work the land and farm fields can be small. It’s important that the tractor you depend on works through whatever you throw at it with little to no downtime. 

A Yanmar tractor equips owners with a workhorse, a machine with battle-tested reliability. Some manufacturers outsource to other companies to build essential tractor parts. At Yanmar, we build all the major drive-train components in-house so everything works together. The result? Unmatched quality and a smoother operation with little-to-no downtime. Get ready to work.

Best-in-class Tractor Performance

“Everyone knows Yanmar engines.”

-Washington Yanmar Dealer

Whether you decide your 50-acre farm needs a multi-purpose YT2 Series or a SA Series compact tractor to conquer your to-do list, Yanmar models offer up the performance specs and versatility for any job you need to get done. 

Yanmar combines comfort, control, and innovation. You need performance you can tap into, and our advanced electronic controls give you the easy-to-access power required for any job, anywhere. Many of our machines use controls with an integrated hydraulic mechanical transmission (i-HMT). This means you’ll have versatile performance and power at your fingertips. 

From auto-throttle to A/B mode, you’ll find reliable performance for landowners of every stripe. Plus, we know there’s a tool for every job. We engineer our tractors to pair seamlessly with ready-to-work attachments for any task.

Durable Tractors. Proven Heritage. 

“People know it’s high quality. They know Yanmar and they know their history. It’s a well-made product.” 

-California Yanmar Dealer

History means something to us. Chances are, it means something to you too. Our roots are dug in deep —all the way back to 1912. Since then, we’ve been pumping out workhorse tractors, machines, and equipment letting farmers and landowners power through work and master their land. 

Don’t take our word for it. We stand by our tractors like nobody else does. Peace of mind comes standard with our industry-leading, 10-year limited powertrain warranty

At the end of the day, words only add up to so much. Performance is proven out there on the farm. So why wait? Get to work on building your Yanmar today so you can put it through its paces.


Pick the right attachment for your tractor.

Deciding which tractor and attachments to buy can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be a chore. Request your buyer's guide to help select the best tractor based on the types of jobs you plan to do, the size of your property, and the conditions in which you'll be working.