All About the DPF

Today’s tractors run cleaner than ever due to the increasing emissions standards from the EPA. Yanmar tractors can meet and exceed these increasing standards thanks to the DPF. The DPF has been used by many diesel-fueled trucks since 2007. The device catches and traps soot (unburned fuel) to be burned out at a later time such as while the tractor is carrying a heavy load or undergoing a regeneration cycle. The soot is burned out anytime the exhaust temperature is elevated.

You learned last week about the process of regeneration and how that temporarily changes the operating settings of the engine to generate extra-high temperatures in the DPF to combust and consume the engine exhaust products (pollutants) that accumulate in the DPF during normal engine operation. You also learned that the Yanmar process has the perk of allowing the customer to maintain complete control over the tractor and can continue working normally with no power loss or engine speed limitations during a normal regeneration process.

What you didn’t learn last week is that while the EPA mandates the DPF technology lasts 3,000 hours, it has been proven that the DPF lasts exponentially longer contributing to a long, clean, and happy life for your tractor. After about 3,000 hours, the DPF will need to be cleaned by first being removed from the tractor then sent off to our Yanmar Reman program where it will be cleaned by being “baked” in an oven to remove the excessive ash load (the remains after the soot has been burned out during regen). A Diagnostic Trouble Code or DTC is what indicates that the ash build-up in DPF too high.

As you can see, the Diesel Particulate Filter is a very smart piece of technology and a clean contribution to your Yanmar tractor. Thanks to the DPF, your tractor is kept clean as well as your to-do list.

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