Safety Tips for Moving Large Objects

A tractor allows you to accomplish tasks you otherwise never could on your own, especially when it comes to moving large, heavy objects. While there’s so much tractors can do, proper operation is essential to maximizing the potential. If you’ve got some big jobs you’ve been meaning to tackle, keep these safety tips for moving large objects in mind.

6 Safety Tips for Moving Large Objects

Whether you need to get rid of trees that blew over in the wind or relocate large rocks, a tractor provides the extra power you need. Though Yanmar tractors come equipped with a number of standard safety features, your approach to tough jobs is a major factor in getting them done right. Here are six ways you can stay safe when moving large or heavy objects with your tractor.

Stay on Level Ground

Whenever you’re moving large objects, they should be lifted while all wheels of the tractor are on firm, level ground. This provides multiple contact points to establish a center of gravity and distribute the weight evenly so the machine doesn’t tip. Should you need to operate your tractor on a slope, run it up and down the slope instead of across. Also, keep the front-end loader as low to the ground as possible to reduce the chance of rollover.

Lift From The Center

Just like weightlifters center themselves under the bar before they lift, you should apply the same principle to your tractor. When using the front-end loader to move large objects, make sure the object is hitched to the center of the loader. A heavy item attached to one side of the loader can cause the tractor to tilt or even overturn. Prior to lifting any heavy objects, make sure your seatbelt is fastened and the ROPS is securely locked in place.

Add Extra Weight

When you’re close to maxing out the front lift capacity, you may find the rear of the tractor is being lifted in the air slightly. This is where proper ballasting comes into play. You can add liquid ballast filled rear tires for stability. There are several liquid ballasting fluids such as calcium chloride, windshield washer fluid, or a beet juice blend that will get the job done. 

Calcium chloride over time can cause corrosion of the wheels, so use it as a short-term solution. Surprisingly, beet juice has natural properties that keep it from freezing and is a good, environmentally friendly alternative.

To help distribute weight evenly across a wider platform, attach a counterweight to the rear of the tractor. A counterweight will keep your machine on the ground and also provide increased traction as you move the object to your desired location.

Divide and Conquer

If it feels like your tractor is getting pushed to the limit and isn’t making progress, look for ways you can accomplish moving objects in multiple trips. For example, if you’re dealing with heavy, fallen trees, get out the chainsaw and cut them into more manageable pieces. The same can be said when moving large piles of loose materials like gravel. Overloading your machine can lead to dangerous accidents.

Use the Right Tool

A great thing about tractors is their versatility. However, this doesn’t mean they’re suited for every job. Sometimes a forklift or a regular pickup truck are better options for lifting and hauling applications. When you’re using your tractor, make sure you’re utilizing the proper attachments. Yanmar offers a number of different 3-point attachments, as well as other accessories like pallet forks and bale spears.

Know Your Limits

Safely operating your tractor means understanding its limits as well. Before you do any kind of heavy lifting, familiarize yourself with the functions and capacities. This will save you from getting in over your head and pushing your machine to the point of damage.

Yanmar Tractor Lift Capacity

If you’re seeking a tractor that can help you with a specific heavy-lifting solution, here’s how the lift capacity breaks down for each Yanmar tractor model.

Yanmar Tractor Model Front Lift Capacity at Pivot Pin
SA Series
SA221 825 lbs.
SA324 1,200 lbs.
SA424 1,200 lbs.
SA424DHX 1,200 lbs.
YT2 Series
YT235 1,300 lbs.
YT235C 1,300 lbs.
YT3 Series
YT347 2,500 lbs.
YT347C 2,500 lbs.
YT359 2,500 lbs.
YT359C 2,500 lbs.
YM Series
YM342 2,500 lbs.
YM347 2,500 lbs.
YM359 2,500 lbs.

Build Your Yanmar Tractor

Yanmar offers a wide range of sub-compact tractors to meet just about any need. Try the custom tractor builder to create your ideal configuration. You can customize everything from tire tread all the way to attachments and implements. Build your tractor today and see what Yanmar can do for you.

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