Bull UTV: Cleaning the Air Filter

Yanmar Bull UTV

The Yanmar Bull UTV is the perfect vehicle to power through rough terrain and help you tackle heavy loads. Its center-mounted, heavy-duty hitch is capable of towing up to 1,500 lbs, while the gas-powered engine provides up to 47 horsepower

With single-row seating, the Bull UTV can comfortably carry three passengers and keep everyone protected from the elements. No matter where you want to go, this machine can take you there. Thanks to an all-steel skid plate and electronic power steering, no conditions are too challenging.

How to Clean Your Yanmar Bull UTV Air Filter

When you’re adventuring through the snow, sand, dirt, and mud, it’s important to keep an eye on the condition of your UTV’s air filter. Under normal operation, the air filter should be cleaned every 20-40 hours. Fortunately, the process is quite simple. Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Remove Air Filter

Your Bull UTV air filter does not require any tools for removal. Located behind the middle seat, you can access the filter by removing the seat cushion. After you unscrew and lift the filter’s case covers, you should be able to reach the filter and carefully remove it. Of course, never operate your UTV when it does not have a filter installed.

Step 2: Separate Filter Element from Inner Frame

Your air filter includes two main components: the filter element and the metallic inner frame. Gently slide the foam filter element off the inner frame. Then, submerge the element in a clean, high flash point solvent. Exercise caution, as using gasoline or other combustible materials can lead to fires and even potential explosions. 

Continue to squeeze the filter until the solvent completely works its way through. This will break down and remove most of the dirt and oil. Be sure to avoid twisting or wringing the filter. Doing so can tear the foam or cause the seams to split open.

Step 3: Wash in Soap and Water

After completing the solvent step, it’s time to wash the filter element in warm water mixed with a mild dish soap. Continue this process until dirt is no longer coming out. Once you are satisfied with the cleanliness, remove any remaining soap by washing the filter in plain warm water. Then, pat the filter dry with paper towels to speed up drying time.

Step 4: Inspect the Filter Element

Before you reinstall your filter, give it a visual inspection for any tears, cracks, or splits. If you notice any damage, the filter element must be replaced. Luckily, they can be found in a Yanmar Maintenance Kit that can be purchased from your local dealer

Step 5: Add Filter Oil

Before adding filter oil, ensure the foam element has dried completely. Once dry, we recommend putting the filter in a sealable plastic storage bag and coating with filter oil. This prevents a mess and allows you to squeeze the filter to work the oil all the way through. When the oil has been thoroughly worked through, use rubber gloves to remove the filter from the bag and squeeze out any excess oil. There should be no oil dripping from the filter. 

Step 6: Reinstall Filter

When your filter is properly coated and excess oil has been removed, it’s ready to reinstall. Slide the foam piece over the metal frame and connect the plastic pieces that hold it in place. From here, you are ready to place the filter back inside the UTV. Ensure all the covers are locked securely in place, and the job is done. You should be ready to get back into action with maximum performance.

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