Installing the Grapple on Your Yanmar Tractor

What is a Tractor Grapple?

A tractor grapple is a versatile attachment that is mounted in place of the bucket on your front-end loader. It has powerful, hydraulically controlled jaws that allow you to grab and lift objects. A grapple is especially useful for picking up long, heavy, or awkwardly sized objects like logs, boulders, and piles of brush.

How to Install the Grapple

Installing the claw grapple on your Yanmar tractor is a quick and easy process. These are the steps to follow to complete the task on an SA Series model. Please keep in mind, the bucket must first be removed from the loader before following these steps.

  1. Park your grapple attachment on firm, level ground. Angle the loader’s connecting bar slightly forward and approach the grapple.
  2. Line up the bar with the hooks on the grapple and slowly raise the loader until the connecting bar is firmly in the hooks. Then, tilt the grapple backwards to align the quick-link assembly.
  3. Once aligned, slide all of the connection pins into place. From here, route the flexible hoses to the third-function couplers. Always clean the couplers before connecting the hoses to avoid introducing dust and dirt into the hydraulic system.
  4. When all connections are complete and the grapple is slightly off the ground, raise the parking stands upwards and clip them into place.
  5. Now you should be able to raise the grapple and activate the third-function valve by pressing the button on the loader joystick. With the button depressed, purge any air from the hydraulic system by moving the joystick side to side. Your grapple is now ready to get to work.

How to Remove the Grapple

Removing the claw grapple from your tractor is just as easy as the install. Here are the steps you need to know.

  1. Park your tractor on firm, level ground with the grapple slightly raised. Remove the pins from the parking stands and lower them. Set the pins aside to reinstall later.
  2. Lower the loader arms until the grapple is level on the ground. Once level, continue lowering the loader arms and the connecting bar will come free from the grapple hooks.
  3. Release pressure from the hydraulic system by turning off the tractor, then turning the key to accessory mode. Activate the third-function valve with the button on the loader joystick and move the joystick side to side. You can now disconnect the hydraulic hoses.
  4. Slowly back the tractor away from the grapple attachment and the removal should be complete.

For more information on how to use your grapple, this video will walk you through everything you need to know.

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