SA Series Tractor Loader Removal and Install

Yanmar SA Series Tractors

Yanmar SA Series tractors are among the most popular sub-compact tractors on the market thanks to their unbeatable pairing of power and versatility. These machines are equipped for heavy lifting, boasting as much as 24 horsepower and 1,200 lbs of lift capacity at the pivot pin. At the same time, their more compact size makes them easily maneuverable in the tightest spaces your property has to offer.

In addition to the SA Series’ powerful features, these tractors are built with comfort and control in mind. Elements like side-by-side hydrostatic transmission pedals and the differential lock make operation easy, while the full-frame chassis and optional canopy allow you to have a smooth, shaded ride. And don’t forget, all new SA Series tractors are backed by Yanmar’s industry-leading, 10-year limited powertrain warranty for the ultimate peace of mind.

Removing the SA Series Loader

Yanmar SA Series tractors utilize the YL110 and YL210 loaders, which can be removed in a few simple steps. Here’s what you need to know to get the job done right.

  1. Find a stable location with level ground. Then, raise the boom until the loader stands can be utilized.
  2. Turn off the tractor, set the parking brake, and align the loader stand, locking it into the down position with the clevis pin. For further stability, be sure to secure the clevis pin with a hairpin clip on both sides.
  3. Start your tractor and rotate the bucket until the level indicator is in the notch. This lets you know the attachment is level with the ground. Lower the bucket further to a resting position on the ground.
  4. With the bucket resting on the ground, slowly use the dump function on the implement control lever until the mast-mounting pins are loose. Remove the pins on both sides of the tractor.
  5. Slowly pull the implement control lever back to the raised position, separating the mast assembly from the loader mount. Once this is complete, set the parking brake and turn off the tractor. Then, briefly rotate the implement control lever to release any pressure from the hydraulic system.
  6. Disconnect the quick couplers from the hydraulic system, cleaning up excess oil as you go. Be sure to use the appropriate color-coded caps to protect the couplers and set yourself up for an easy installation later.
  7. With all connections disconnected, start the tractor once more and back straight out. This will complete the successful removal of your loader attachment.

Installing the SA Series Loader

With an understanding of how to remove the loader from your SA Series tractor, re-installing it should be a fairly easy process. As a reminder, these are the key steps to follow.

  1. Slowly drive your tractor forward into the mast assembly until the base of the assembly touches the loader mount.
  2. Turn the tractor off, set the parking brake, and move the implement control lever to relieve any hydraulic pressure.
  3. Move the hydraulic lines behind the loader frame and reconnect them. If you used the color-coded caps when removing the loader, this should tell you exactly where each connection goes.
  4. After securing all of the hydraulic connections, return to the operator’s seat and start the tractor, running it at idle speed. Pull the implement control lever forward until the mast fulcrum sets into the pivot.
  5. With the holes of the mast assembly and the loader bracket aligned, install the mast-mounting pins in their original location on both sides of the tractor.
  6. Once the pins have been locked into place, raise the loader, remove the clevis pins and hairpins from the loader stands, and return the stands to the closed position, locking them into place.
  7. Double check all connections are secure and free of obstructions. After a quick operational check of the loader, the install is complete. Your SA Series tractor is ready to get to work.

If you ever have any questions about this process or other tractor attachments, contact your local dealer or the Yanmar Customer Experience Team.

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