Stabilize Your Tractor With Wheel Spacers

Using Wheel Spacers for Your Tractor

In previous tractor tips, we discussed the various ballasting methods and tractor application practices you can use to improve tractor balance and productivity. From those tips, you can learn about front & rear ballast mounting options, using wheel weights, and the choices surrounding adding fluid ballast to tractor tires.

Now, allow us to add another tool to your tractor balancing and configuration arsenal: wheel spacers.

Wheel spacers move the tractor wheels further from the centerline of the tractor, making the tractor’s wheelbase wider. Setting the tractor to a wider wheelbase tends to increase the side-to-side stability of a tractor in many operating conditions. Providing your tractor with a wider tire footprint can be another way to make it a more balanced and more productive tractor.

You can add wheel spacers to almost any combination of tire type and tire-&-wheel configuration. When might you want to use wheel spacers? If you operate frequently on hilly terrain, wheel spacers might be a good option.

In several specific tractor applications, wheel spacers may be needed to make your tractor fit crop row spacings, planting bed spacings, or other tractor operating requirements.

You can now purchase wheel spacers for Yanmar Model YT235 tractors. If a YT235 is configured with a loader and R1 agricultural tires, the use of wheel spacers is a recommended practice.

Wheel spacers are a possible go-to for adding stability, increasing tractor balance and improving a tractor’s overall performance in a wider range of terrain and applications. Your tractor dealer can help you determine if wheel spacers are another way to make every tractor hour more productive and help you get more done.

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