Tractor Attachments You Need for Tilling, Planting & Seeding

Whether you’re turning over a food plot for supporting wildlife management or market gardening, hardworking three-point attachments for your Yanmar tractor make quick work of prepping and establishing your land. 

4 Tractor Attachments for Working the Soil

The Yanmar YT2 and YT3 series compact tractors  — and even the sub-compact SA series — can get you the power you need along with next-level versatility and maneuverability for tighter quarters. And with easy-to-attach (and detach) implements, you can tackle your to do list without wrestling machinery all day.

Bed Shaper

If you have a subcompact tractor, it doesn’t mean you’re out of luck for a four-in-one bed shaper. Yanmar’s one-pass workhorse features a rotary tiller to first break up the soil. Then the integrated bed shaper forms a raised bed and lays down an irrigation drip tube (or choose the double drip tube option). Last comes the installation of protective paper or plastic mulch to act as a moisture and weed barrier. 

Disc Harrows

Rugged and hardworking, disc harrows break and open up the soil. And if the land’s been worked before, discs can reincorporate organic material or remaining crop debris, too. With three models of varying widths (48-, 64-, and 80-inch wide) and notch types, Yanmar has the right-size attachment for your land and needs.

Rotary Tiller

To loosen the soil, rely on a rotary tiller to cut through sod or churn compacted land. WIth Yanmar’s four model options with forward or reverse rotation, you’ll find smoother operation and deeper soil penetration thanks to solid rotor shafts. 

Take Your Pick for Planting Seed

Whether you’re looking to replant acreage with native grass, restore a pasture, or create a wildlife food plot, consider a multitasking Yanmar seeder for efficient establishment with zero seed-bed prep. All-in-one features include disc harrows, roller spikes, and a cultipacker, which means one-pass planting is now a reality.

Precision Seeder

When it comes to pasture and grass management, Yanmar’s precision super seeder can handle primary seeding and overseeding with up to three different seed boxes and two planting depths. And it includes another must-have feature: Each individual seed box can be engaged or disengaged with a single pin (no other tools necessary).

Food Plot Seeder

Whether you’re replanting or starting new, our food plot seeder models can handle it all. With three widths to choose from and up to three independently engaged seed bins, you’ll find your perfect-size seeder no matter your acreage.

Must-Have Quick Hitch

Opt for fast connections with ASABE quick-hitch compatibility. Easily switch and connect 3-point attachments without bending over, getting dirty and greasy or needing additional tools. Yanmar’s quick three-point hitch features heavy-duty steel construction and auto-lock lower hooks. Plus, it comes standard with an adjustable bracket for a floating top link and 7/8-inch mounting pins for easy on/off.

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Find Your Must-Have Yanmar Attachments

If you’re ready to make a switch or upgrade your current tilling, planting, and seeding implements, give us a call at 678-551-7369 or contact us online. Our dedicated customer experience team will answer your questions and get you exactly what you need.


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