6 Uses for a UTV on Your Farm

The to-do list never ends around the farm. No matter the weather or season, you’ve got to get out there and find a way to get the job done. That’s why it’s so important to have the right tools to help you work more efficiently. If you’re considering adding a new vehicle to your lineup, we’ll explore why a UTV is a versatile option that can conquer your farm’s toughest tasks.

What are the Benefits of a UTV?

If you’ve been exploring possible additions to your equipment arsenal, you may be wondering if you should choose an ATV or UTV. While both have their merits, UTVs offer several advantages when it comes to farm work.

  • More powerful. In most cases a UTV is the more powerful vehicle of the two. This means larger payloads, greater towing capacity, and higher horsepower.
  • Passenger capacity. Many hands make light work. UTVs are capable of carrying your whole crew, with models like the Longhorn offering capacity up to six passengers.
  • Hauling capabilities. While most ATVs only have room for the driver, UTVs commonly have a bed and extra storage space to help you haul materials around your property.
  • Enhanced comfort. If you’re going to be out in the elements, you might as well stay comfortable. UTVs often have an optional enclosed cab or canopy for weather protection.

6 Ways to Use a UTV Around Your Farm

Already starting to imagine the possibilities of what a UTV could do for your land? Here are six ways to put it to use around your farm.

Property Cleanup

Whether you’re moving broken branches after a big storm or want to open new pasture for animals to graze, UTVs are excellent vehicles for property cleanup. Yanmar UTVs offer a hefty payload from 900 lbs up to nearly 1,400 lbs, meaning you can get more done in fewer trips. The vehicle’s cargo bed and additional storage also allow you more space to carry a wide range of materials.

Weed Control

When you have a large plot of land, weeds can get out of control fast. There’s no way to cover any kind of acreage pulling them by hand. Fortunately, a UTV is the ideal vehicle to help you deal with weeds fast. The cargo bed is capable of carrying a large sprayer tank, while the enhanced ground clearance and suspension can take you over even the roughest terrain. You’ll eliminate your weed problem in no time without ever having to leave the driver’s seat.

Livestock Care

Another way to utilize a UTV around the farm is caring for your livestock. If they’re spread out all over your land, you can use the payload to efficiently distribute hay bales, feed, and water wherever needed. Depending on the types of animals you have, a UTV can also be highly useful for calf catching when it’s time for tagging and vaccinating.

Fence Building

No matter if you need to keep animals and people out or in, your UTV can help build miles of fencing in a fraction of the time. The carrying capacity allows you to take all the materials you need out into the field, and helps you reach even the most distant corners of your land. If you’re building wire fencing, mount the spool to the back and let the vehicle do the unraveling as you drive.

Towing Equipment

Having more powerful engines compared to ATVs, UTVs are well suited for towing other equipment. With some Yanmar UTVs boasting towing capacity from 1,500 lbs up to 2,000 lbs, you can easily attach a trailer to move large objects, haul fill dirt and gravel, transport other maintenance equipment like mowers, and so much more.


Though UTVs are built for hard work, there’s no reason you can’t have a little fun from time to time. Thanks to their rugged capabilities, as well as features like four-wheel drive, skid plates, and shock absorbers, practically no terrain is off-limits. You can use your UTV to reach some of the most remote camping and hunting spots, exploring everything nature has to offer along the way.

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