What You Need for Grading and Leveling

Whether you’re leveling soil for seeding in the spring or working on repairs to your gravel drive, having the right equipment for grading and leveling can make all the difference. Discover which tractor features you should consider for these jobs, as well as the attachments that will make easy work of regular chores around your land.

Tractor Features for Grading and Leveling

No matter what project you’re working on, you want to make sure your tractor is up to the task. While any Yanmar tractor can be equipped with grading and leveling attachments, here are some key features that will help you decide which machine is right for your needs:

  • Size of land. First and foremost, the size of your acreage will drive a lot of decisions surrounding tractor features. Smaller plots under 25 acres can be handled by the SA Series, while 25+ acres is better suited to the YT3 Series or YM Series that have a higher travel speed or larger fuel tank. What’s most important is to consider the type of work being done.
  • Lift capacity. Will you be moving a lot of earth yourself or just leveling it out? If the front-end loader factors heavily in your features, determine what lift capacity you need. The lift capacity of Yanmar tractors at the pivot pin ranges from 825 pounds all the way up to 2,500 pounds.
  • Tire tread. The terrain you’ll be working on is another important detail. Your tire tread goes a long way toward operating your machine effectively. Yanmar tractors have the option of R-1 Ag Tread, R-3 Turf Tread, and R-4 Industrial Tread. R-1 might be better suited for tillage and cultivation, where R-3 is ideal for mowing and turf care.
  • Horsepower. Horsepower isn’t everything, but a little extra can come in handy when you really need it. If you have a larger plot of particularly difficult soil, a tractor with higher horsepower can help you run larger attachments and cover more ground quickly.
  • Enclosed cab. Grading and leveling kicks up its fair share of dirt and debris. Instead of living in a cloud of dust all day long, an enclosed cab separating you from the elements can feel particularly luxurious. Some models like the Yanmar YT347C come equipped with a cab, while others can easily incorporate one as an add-on.

Tractor Attachments for Grading and Leveling

With the right attachments you can make quick work of your grading and leveling projects. These are all of the Yanmar grading and leveling attachments that will take your tractor to the next level:

Grading Scraper

When you need a smooth outdoor surface, look no further than the grading scraper. Ready for everything from driveways to baseball diamonds, Yanmar offers three models ranging in overall width from 58” up to 76”. Each model is specially designed to handle more materials in fewer passes and help eliminate the washboard effect on leveled surfaces.

Box and Scraper Blades

Box scrapers are perfect for landscape grading, allowing you to easily cut into sod and dirt with full-length, high-carbon, double-beveled, reversible cutting edges. The edges are especially efficient, cutting in both forward and reverse. Each of the five different box and scraper blade models available from Yanmar are designed for durability with reinforced steel A-frames and hardened scarifier teeth.

Rear Blades

The uses for a rear blade are practically unlimited. It’s a must-have attachment for landscaping, grading roads, cleaning up construction sites, or plowing snow. There are six Yanmar rear blade models to choose from, each with 360-degree pivoting blades, parking stands, and five forward and five backfill angles. Both standard duty and medium duty models are available.

Landscape Rake

The Yanmar landscape rake is built to handle the toughest jobs. Available in standard duty and premium duty options, each rake is designed with strength and durability in mind. They’re the perfect attachment for spreading topsoil and gravel, removing stones and debris, preparing soil for planting and seeding, grading livestock areas, and much more.

Quick Hitch

No matter which attachments you’re using, the Yanmar Quick Hitch is bound to save you time and effort. This unique add-on allows you to change 3-point hitch attachments without any additional tools or grime. It uses heavy-duty steel construction and auto-lock lower hooks for maximum strength. The Quick Hitch is compatible with rear blades, box scrapers, landscape rakes, and many others.

Build Your Tractor

There’s a Yanmar tractor for any job, and they can be customized to your specifications using the online Custom Tractor Builder. You select your series, select your model, and configure it with all the accessories, attachments, and implements you need. 

Once you’ve built the tractor to your liking, you’ll be provided with an MSRP you can use to explore purchase options near you. Discover what Yanmar can do for you and build your tractor today.

Build Your Tractor

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