Winter Snow Removal Tips: Clearing Snow Safely & Effectively

When the snow starts falling, it has to go somewhere besides your sidewalks, driveways, and roads. This can be an especially challenging chore when you have a large property to maintain. Fortunately, we have tips to help you clear snow safely and effectively so the frozen stuff doesn’t slow you down this winter.

7 Tips for Safe & Effective Snow Removal

Whether you’re equipping your tractor with snow removal attachments or putting the plow on the pickup, snow removal can lead to some slippery situations. Try these tips to keep your property clear while staying safe at the same time.

Equip for Extra Traction

Snow and ice mean it’s time to take extra traction measures for safety. This includes utilizing your tractor’s four-wheel drive functionality, equipping your highest traction tires, and keeping material like sand handy for added grip. You may also want to add extra weight to the tractor with a rear ballast or wheel ballast. If your tractor still struggles with icy spots, you can always equip tire chains as well.

Keep Equipment Tuned Up

Before you find yourself in the depths of winter, take a little extra time to tune up your snow removal equipment. After the wear and tear of the previous season, it’s likely your snow blade’s cutting edge will need a sharpening for peak performance. For snow blowers, check the skid shoes and shear bolts before putting the attachment into action. Skid shoes provide important spacing between the ground and the snow blower, while shear bolts help protect the attachment’s moving parts from unexpected foreign objects.

Stay Slow and Steady

If your tractor is your main tool for snow removal, slow and steady is the way to go. In most wintery situations you want to operate in the low or medium range. Obstacles hidden under the snow can stop the tractor suddenly, leading to damage or injury risk, while too much speed can cause a dangerous lack of control should you hit an icy patch.

Use the Float Function

Prefer to use the bucket for snow removal? Your tractor’s float function will come in especially handy. By placing the joystick lever in the float position, the hydraulic circuit of the lift arm is freed so the bucket can follow the unevenness of the ground by its own weight. This allows you to follow the contours of gravel driveways or dirt roads, while reducing the risk of taking a direct impact with solid objects hidden below the snow.

Mark Problem Spots

No one understands the terrain of your property better than you. Before the snow really starts to pile up, take the time to mark known problem spots with reflective snow stakes. They’ll help you identify things like sharp curves, steep drop offs, landscaping features, curbs, and other obstacles. Snow stakes also provide useful guidance on where the snow can be moved and piled up.

Build Berms Strategically

As the winter months wear on, your snow piles will start to grow. This is why it’s important to push the snow berms back as far as possible early in the season. If not, continuous melting and freezing can create large slushy or icy patches in key areas like your driveway. These piles will also become hard and icy themselves, making them especially difficult to break up and move until the weather warms. Also consider strategically placing berms at the bottom of steep hills or near drop offs for an added barrier should your tractor start sliding.

Clear Before Driving

One last way to increase the season-long efficiency of snow removal is to clear snow before anyone starts walking or driving on it. Footprints or tire tracks compact the snow, leading to uneven terrain and impenetrable trails of ice that make for a more challenging job..

Snow Removal Attachments From Yanmar

From Midwestern blizzards to Northeastern ice storms, you can count on the snow removal attachments from Yanmar to lighten the load and help get the job done with ease. Here are two of the top options to add to your winter lineup.

Snow Blower

No matter what winter looks like where you live, the Yanmar snow blower is up for the challenge. Powdery, crusted, icy, or wet snow are no match for this rugged attachment. Thanks to its two-stage design, it offers more throwing force with less horsepower to make operation exceedingly efficient.

Front Loader Snow Blade

Built to keep your pathways pristine in the wintertime, you’ll love the ease of use offered by the front loader snow blade. It utilizes Yanmar’s SA Series front loader quick attach system, so you can simply swap it when the snow starts to fall. The snow blade also features springs with a safety trip mechanism that protects your equipment and provides peace of mind across a wide range of terrain.

Front Hitch Snow Blade

For more powerful tractors like the YT2 Series, there’s the front hitch snow blade that’s just as rugged and powerful as you would expect from any Yanmar attachment. The reversible steel cutting edge has been put to the test in real-world applications, and it’s available in a width of either 48-inches or 72-inches to perfectly match the needs of your property.

Connect With Yanmar

You can count on the compact tractors and attachments from Yanmar to help you with your toughest jobs in any season. On top of that, our Customer Experience Team is the most knowledgeable in the industry, and available to answer your questions and offer the resources you need. Please don’t hesitate to connect with us online or give us a call at 678-551-7369.

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