Yanmar at Work: Using My Tractor in Winter

When you think of all the jobs a tractor does, winter tasks aren’t always the first to come to mind. Many tractors spend the colder months in storage, waiting for spring to arrive. However, for those in freezing climates, a tractor is one of the most invaluable tools at their disposal for dealing with snow and ice.

Yanmar at Work in Winter

At Yanmar we take pride in building tractors that have a reputation for reliability and can stand up to the toughest conditions. You don’t have to just take our word for it, though. We’re also lucky to have dedicated owners willing to share their real-world experiences. 

We took to social media and enlisted followers to, “tell us how your Yanmar tractor and attachments help you during the winter months.” Sebastian K. was kind enough to share how his Yanmar has been helping him since the 1980s.

“Well what can I say! This is my Yanmar YM186D with the snow thrower attachment! It’s been serving this property since the day it was brought here by the previous owner in the mid 80s! We have all the original paperwork, receipts, and manuals. So imagine working hard since the early-mid 80s! EVERY WINTER! Once we bought the property I serviced it and replaced the bearings in the snow thrower assembly. She fires up every time and when the snow is high, I go low and SLOW! Living in Northern Lower Michigan, we get A LOT of snow! It’s a hard worker and will continue to work hard!”

Tractor Attachments for Winter

Whether you’ve been running your Yanmar since the 1980s like Sebastian, or you’re just starting to explore the possibilities of tractor ownership, there are several attachments that make light work of winter chores. Here are the essential snow removal attachments to consider adding:

Snow Blower

Yanmar snow blower attachments are built for all snow conditions ranging from light powder to heavy and wet. With a two-stage design, these attachments offer more throwing force with less horsepower. They’re also built for durability, featuring reinforced steel side plates and augers with optimized feed paddles. On top of that, the discharge chute is specially designed to resist plugging, meaning you can get the job done with incredible efficiency.

Snow Blades

Be the snow-clearing hero of your neighborhood with Yanmar snow blades. No matter how your tractor is equipped, you have the option of both a front hitch snow blade and front loader snow blade. With a width of 72” and height of 23”, you can deal with deep snow quickly. The snow blades also offer five angle positions to help you adjust to any terrain. Built to last, these attachments have adjustable skid shoes to extend the life of the blade, keep it level, and offer quick replacement.

Quick Hitch

The Yanmar Quick Hitch is a must-have if you’re operating your tractor with 3-point attachments or rear mounted attachments. Compatible with most Yanmar attachment options, it allows you to change from one 3-point hitch to another without grease, grime, or additional tools. The lower arms lock in automatically, and it features an adjustable top link ball bracket to use with attachments that have a floating top link.

Winter Tractor Tips and Resources

In addition to the equipment and attachments you need, we also have a wealth of resources and tractor tips to help you get through any season. Here’s a roundup of the latest articles focused on winter tractor use:

Build Your Tractor

If you’re looking for a tractor that can help you handle winter weather, get all of the features you need with the Yanmar Custom Tractor Builder. It allows you to configure everything from model and series to accessories and attachments. Then, you’ll get a personalized quote and support from the Yanmar team to find that configuration at a dealer near you. Try it today and see how Yanmar can work for you.

Build Your Tractor

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