YT2 Loader Removal and Install

YT2 Loader Removal and Install

The loader is one of the features that makes your compact tractor one of the most useful tools around your property. However, there are certain situations where you might be better suited operating your machine without it. If you’ve been wondering how to remove and reinstall your tractor’s loader, we’ll walk you through all the necessary steps to handle the process with ease.

Instructions for Removing Your YT2 Loader

Removing the loader from your YT2 tractor can be accomplished fairly quickly. As with any process, be sure to follow all safety instructions and best practices. Ready to get started? Here are the steps you should follow.

  1. Park your tractor on stable, level ground. Once parked, rotate the bucket until the level indicator is in the notch. This ensures the attachment is level with the ground. Then, lower the bucket to the ground.
  2. With the bucket on the ground, slowly use the curl or dump function on the implement control lever until the mast mounting pins are loose. Remove the mast mounting pins and place them in the storage brackets for safekeeping.
  3. Slowly pull the implement control lever back to the raised position. This moves the loader stand down, separating the mast assembly from the loader mount. With the mast free from the loader mount, ensure the tractor is in neutral, set the parking brake, and turn off the engine.
  4. Relieve pressure from the hydraulic system by rotating the implement control lever. Now, disconnect the hydraulic hoses. As you disconnect the quick couplers, use a rag to wipe away any residual hydraulic oil. Always ensure you’re using the color coded protective caps to keep dust and debris out of the system. After disconnecting the hydraulic hoses, store them on the loader frame to prevent damage. 
  5. Finally, start the tractor, release the parking brake, and back straight out slowly. This completes the removal of your YT2 tractor’s loader.

Safety Reminder: Never climb on a disconnected loader.

Instructions for Installing Your YT2 Loader

When you’re ready to put your loader back into action, it’s fast and simple to reinstall. Here are the key steps you need to know.

  1. Slowly drive your tractor between the mast assembly until the base touches the loader mount. Shift to neutral, turn the engine off, and set the parking brake.
  2. Move the implement control lever to release any hydraulic pressure. Then, reroute the hydraulic lines behind the loader frame. Next, reconnect the color coded hydraulic quick connectors to the appropriate coupler. 
  3. Start and run the tractor at idle speed. Move the implement control lever forward until the mast fulcrum sets into the pivot and the auto-stand assembly rises. If needed, drive forward very slowly to aid in this process.
  4. With the holes of the mast assembly and loader bracket aligned, reinstall the mast mounting pins on both sides of the tractor.
  5. Do a final check of the tractor to ensure all loader connections are secure and free from obstructions. Then, do an operational check of the loader to confirm proper operation. This completes the reinstallation of your YT2 tractor loader.

For more detail, consult your operation manual or speak with a local Yanmar dealer.

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