A/B Mode

posted on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 in Tractor Tips

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A/B mode is the one of the most often asked about features on the YT347 and YT359 tractor models. So what is it and how can it help me?

The A/B Mode gives you more control of your tractor and it is always active. You can set the A/B mode to a desired maximum RPM and travel speed in two different modes (Mode A and Mode B). The tractor will not exceed the maximum travel speed and engine RPM currently selected. Even if you move the dash-mounted hand throttle to maximum RPMs (rabbit position), you will never exceed the A/B-set RPM or travel speed. Why limit the maximum travel speed or RPM? Control. For example, let’s say that in the 3rd speed range you encounter rough driving conditions that starts bouncing you around the cab. Because the tractor can accelerate up to 18 mph in this range, when your foot bounces off the pedal, the tractor can become difficult to control. To alleviate this, you can adjust the maximum speed in A mode to confine the tractor to a speed of 10 mph. This gives you finer control with the foot throttle resulting in a smoother ride.

You can control this even more by setting your speed to an even lower maximum of 6 mph in B Mode. Note that A and B modes are fully customizable and can both be set to fulfill your specific needs.

A second example of how A/B mode could be used is in a spraying application. Say you are pulling a sprayer through your field and need to be able to apply the product at two different rates, standard and heavy application. Set A mode to a travel speed of 6 mph for a standard application rate. Set B mode to 4 mph for a higher application rate. Now you can toggle between the standard and heavy application rates with just the push of a button.

If A/B mode sounds too complicated, don’t worry. You can set both A and B mode to the maximum RPM and travel speed and forget about it. Your tractor will now operate as if you do not have this feature.

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