UTV vs. Tractor: Which Do You Need?

It’s your land, and to manage it effectively, you need the right tools. Whether you have a one-acre homestead or a 100-acre farm, your land will require a lot of heavy jobs. Tractors and UTVs are two of the most popular machines to help lighten your load, making it easier to do more with fewer hands. But which is right for you? 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common jobs Yanmar owners are performing with their compact tractors and UTVs, and determine which is right for your property. 

What is a Compact Tractor?

A compact tractor is a four-wheeled working vehicle specifically designed to give you high torque at slower speeds. Traditionally used to make tough agricultural jobs easier, these tractors can be outfitted with useful attachments that perform different tasks. This makes them a great all around workhorse on small and mid-sized farms and homesteads. From tilling and hauling to digging and clearing, they make it easy for a single person to tackle big jobs. 

Common Tractor Uses

Here are some of the most common tasks that Yanmar owners perform with their compact tractors: 

  • Tilling, seeding, and planting. Tilling, seeding and planting large areas is just faster and more efficient with a tractor. If you’ve set aside land for working a market garden or are going fully self-sufficient with a large vegetable plot to feed your family, a tractor can make spring planting and fall cleanup much easier. 
  • Land management. The more land you own, the more it will need to be managed. Even smaller homesteads of one-to-five acres will often require cleanup of storm debris like fallen trees, or regular clearing of brush and invasive weeds. Tractors are great for this. 
  • Hay harvesting. Harvesting attachments like a round baler give you the ability to not only cut and prepare, but also bale your own animal feed. If you have dedicated pasture set aside for growing your own feed, a tractor is a must.  
  • Digging, lifting, and mowing. From digging post holes and utility trenches to lifting heavy debris like rocks and logs, to mowing acres of sprawling lawn, a tractor can do it all. Those who regularly set and move fencing for livestock or have big debris clearing jobs choose tractors.
  • Snow removal. Heavy snowfall can bring your farm or homestead to a standstill. If you’re located in a remote area with occasional snowfall or an area with heavy snowfall, a tractor can help you dig out. 
  • Hauling. Whether you need to carry building materials or heavy feed and watering troughs, a tractor can work like a truck for hauling purposes (and can often access areas a truck can’t). 
  • Grading and leveling. Landscape rakes make it fast and easy to level paddocks and pastures. Grader blades and scrapers can be attached to maintain driveways and pathways. If you have access roads or long driveways, a tractor can save you on the regular maintenance costs for grading these access points. 

Who Needs a Compact Tractor?

If your small farm or homestead is focused on farm production or requires heavy land management, a compact tractor may be the right choice for you. With a huge number of attachments to choose from, your tractor is like a Swiss Army Knife, giving you the perfect tool for just about every job on your property. 

Tractors can also help reduce injuries that come from heavy manual labor. If you’re doing a lot of digging, hauling and pulling, engaging a tractor to do the brunt of that work means less wear and tear on your body, and more time to enjoy your land.  

What is a UTV?

A UTV (utility task vehicle), unlike an ATV (all-terrain vehicle), is capable of more rugged work. UTVs have more hauling capacity and maneuverability. UTVs can also seat four to six people, and come with generous cargo areas. Often called a side-by-side, the benefit of a UTV on farms and homesteads is that you can get multiple people (and working animals) to and from difficult or remote locations. The powerful engine also allows for much higher speeds than a tractor. However, with fewer attachments and less torque, the range of heavy jobs it can achieve is more limited. Think of it more like a mobile toolbox.

Common UTV Uses

Here are some of the most common jobs Yanmar UTV owners perform with their vehicles:   

  • Construction. Hauling materials to and from job sites around your property is a perfect job for a UTV. Yanmar Diesel UTVs have the ability to carry heavy loads, with bed capacities of up to 1,000 lbs and a 2,000 lb towing capacity. 
  • Landscaping. Hauling capacity also comes in handy for big landscaping projects. From rocks and gravel to soil and large trees, a UTV can make quick work of it. 
  • Farming. While UTVs aren’t a good choice for those looking for tilling or seeding help, they are great for those with pastured animals who need to deliver feed and water to livestock across sprawling acreage.
  • Sports Organizations. College and professional sports teams often use UTVs for grounds and field maintenance, as they have large cargo space, plenty of seating, and great hauling power.
  • Hunting. To find the best game, you have to meet them where they roam. With a UTV you can access remote and rugged areas with all of your gear, and get it all back out again. 

Who Needs a UTV?

UTVs are perfect for small farms and homesteads that are focused less on crop raising and more on livestock production or construction and maintenance (like renting out land, cabins, tiny homes, or camping spots). While you could attach rakes and plows to UTVs for light land management, they aren’t truly designed for these tasks. Instead, take advantage of their maneuverability to access places on your property that tractors and trucks can’t. If you spend a lot of time hunting on your property, or taking others out to hunt, UTVs are also great solutions. 

Is There a Good Reason to Have a Tractor and UTV?

Short answer: yes! Land has many uses, and to make the most of it requires the right tools. If you own a larger property, having a tractor for tilling, plowing and mowing, and a UTV for accessing remote areas for hauling, hunting, and construction may be ideal. 

Connect With Yanmar

At Yanmar, we work with you to ensure you get the right machine for the right job. Our Customer Experience Team is here to answer all of your questions about whether a UTV or tractor is a good fit for your property and your goals. You can also check out our comprehensive library of resources, which covers everything from maintenance to operation tips. Please don’t hesitate to connect with us online or give us a call at 678-551-7369 for all of your UTV and tractor needs.

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