Should I Choose a Gas or Diesel UTV?

If you want the ideal vehicle to enhance your capabilities around your property, look no further than the lineup of Yanmar UTVs. These hard-working vehicles are built to tackle the toughest terrain and have the power needed to handle heavy lifting. With both gas and diesel options available, you might be wondering which is the best choice for your needs. In this guide, we’ll cover the key factors to consider and explore Yanmar’s UTV options.

5 Factors to Consider In Choosing a Gas vs. Diesel UTV

No matter which Yanmar UTV you choose, you can rest assured you’re getting a powerful, capable machine. However, there are some important differences when it comes to the question of gas or diesel. These are five of the most important factors to consider for your purchase.

Fuel Milage

One of the biggest differences in a gas vs. diesel UTV is the fuel mileage you can expect. In general, diesel engines are considered more fuel efficient, having the capability to go 20% to 35% farther per gallon than their gasoline counterparts. For those with large plots of land, less fill ups can make for more efficient work. At the same time, diesel fuel is more expensive and less common than gasoline. If it’s not readily available where you live, refueling can be a challenge.


When it comes to handling heavy loads, a diesel UTV has a slight edge. This especially comes into play when talking about the engine’s torque – often described as a twisting or turning force. For example, when you step on the gas pedal and the engine accelerates rapidly, this is torque being applied. The added torque and power-to-weight ratio on diesel engines typically provides more towing power and larger payloads.

Engine Noise

There’s nothing like enjoying the peace and quiet of your own property. Should you choose a diesel UTV, plan for a little more noise while you’re working. Diesel engines have a signature low rumble that’s louder than a gasoline engine. If you have nearby neighbors or want to use your UTV for activities like hunting, the quieter gas UTV might be the better choice.


One factor that’s often overlooked in UTV engine types is climate. Diesel fuel contains wax particles that can gel in cold temperatures and clog your fuel system. This gelling can happen once temperatures drop below freezing, but is especially common when temperatures are lower than 15 degrees fahrenheit. While there are additives for the fuel to help prevent this, those in especially harsh winter climates should consider a gas UTV for peak year-round performance.

Maintenance Needs

The structure and components of a diesel UTV engine and gas UTV engine are fundamentally different. Though both utilize combustion, the ignition process in a gasoline engine uses spark plugs, while diesel engines use compression to generate heat. In general, this means diesel UTVs require less upkeep because there are fewer components to maintain. Luckily, both types of Yanmar UTVs have a reputation for reliability and all new purchases are backed by our warranty.

Explore Yanmar UTVs

No matter your needs, there’s a Yanmar UTV that’s up for the job. Here’s a quick preview of the available options.

Bull Gas UTV

Bull Series UTVs are the perfect combination of power, comfort, and versatility with room for three passengers. With a standard center-mounted, heavy-duty 2-inch receiver-style hitch, you have towing capacity up to 1,500 pounds. The Bull is also equipped with a hard-shell roof to protect you from the elements, and an all-steel skid plate to take you across any terrain with confidence.

Longhorn Gas UTV

If you want to upgrade your passenger capacity and payload, the Longhorn UTV is the ideal choice. This machine has best-in-class interior space with double rows to accommodate up to six passengers. The Longhorn also boasts a 1,500-pound towing capacity and a 1,309-pound max payload.

Brahma Diesel UTV

Thinking diesel is the best choice for your needs? The Brahma UTV is packed with power, yet has luxuries like a roomy cabin with cushioned seats for two passengers that allow slide, tilt, and lumbar support adjustment. Factor in the impressive 1,000-pound cargo bed load capacity and 2,000 pounds of tow capacity and you’re ready to take on any job your land throws your way.

Connect With Yanmar

At Yanmar, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading support. We have a dedicated Customer Experience Team that knows how to help you get the most out of your machines. From UTVs to compact tractors, we’re here to answer questions and give you the resources you need to succeed. Please don’t hesitate to connect with us online or give us a call at  678-551-7369.

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