The Benefits of a Diesel Engine

There are many factors that go into a tractor’s performance, but the engine stands above them all. It determines critical elements like horsepower and torque that will impact the type of tasks you can do around your property. 

As you explore your options, you might be wondering: What’s the difference between a gas and diesel engine? In this article, we’ll explore the difference between these two types of engines, the benefits a diesel engine offers, and the industry-leading options available from Yanmar.

The Difference Between Gas and Diesel

Whether you’re filling up at the gas station or shopping for a new tractor, gasoline vs. diesel is an ever-present option. Though both are petroleum-based fuels, there are some significant differences between the two.

The first key differentiator is that gasoline is more refined than diesel. This means it burns faster and is better suited for smaller vehicles like sports cars that generate power quickly. Another difference between the fuel types is the viscosity. Diesel has a consistency similar to a light oil, giving it greater energy density and a slower evaporation time.

While these differences might not seem so significant on the surface, gas and diesel are far from interchangeable. Using diesel fuel in a gas-powered engine clogs fuel injectors, filters, and lines, leading to significant damage and leaving your engine inoperable.

5 Benefits of a Diesel Engine

With decades of history, Yanmar diesel engines have earned a reputation as some of the most trusted in the industry. If you’re considering purchasing a new tractor or want to upgrade your existing machine, here are five of the top benefits a diesel engine offers.

Greater Fuel Efficiency

You may have noticed that the price of diesel fuel is higher than gasoline. Initially this might seem like a disadvantage, but because diesel engines are more fuel efficient, you’ll make less trips to fill your tank. The greater fuel efficiency of diesel comes from its higher density, producing more energy with less fuel. Diesel also has a higher compression ratio, resulting in more effective combustion within the engine.

High Power at Low Speeds

Piggybacking on better fuel efficiency, diesel engines are ideally suited for machines like tractors that operate at lower speeds. They can generate the same amount of power as gas engines at lower revolutions per minute (RPM), allowing for slower fuel consumption. Additionally, this lets you operate a wide range of power takeoff (PTO) tractor attachments like tillers or box blades that require high power delivered at a consistent speed.

Increased Durability

Diesel engines are widely considered more durable than their gas-powered counterparts. One of the biggest reasons is that diesel engines are water cooled. Paired with consistent operating speeds, this puts less wear and tear on the engine, providing a longer lifespan. Diesel fuel is also less acidic, causing less corrosion within the engine. With proper care, a diesel tractor can be passed down through generations with no drop-off in performance.

Easier Maintenance

Despite their power, diesel engines are fairly simple from a mechanical standpoint. They’re built from heavy-duty materials meant to work hard, and don’t have many of the parts such as spark plugs or distributor caps that can go bad and need replacement. To make your life even easier, Yanmar offers maintenance kits with 100% genuine parts such as fuel separators and air filters.

Lower Emissions

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a liter of diesel fuel contains approximately 13% more energy than a liter of gasoline. Thanks to a diesel engine’s ability to produce more power with less fuel, it means fewer emissions that are harmful to the environment. Showing our commitment to a sustainable future, the Yanmar Green Challenge 2050 aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our products to make them fully green by 2050.

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