Financing Options for Tractors and Attachments

Sometimes the equipment you need just can’t wait. If you’re considering purchasing a Yanmar tractor, UTV, or any of our attachments, make sure you know about all of the financing options and exclusive offers that can save you money. Read on to discover the many different ways to get a great deal on your next purchase.

Financing Options for Yanmar Tractors

We understand a tractor or UTV can be a major purchase. For many buyers, financing is a popular choice because it allows them to get the equipment they need right away with a very affordable monthly payment. Here are some of the best financing options for you to consider.

Low-Rate Financing

Despite the fluctuations of the economy, our goal is to keep interest rates as low as possible for our customers. Currently, customers with credit approval in the U.S. can benefit from low-rate financing for up to 84 months on the purchase of any new Yanmar compact tractor model or attachments. Please keep in mind, these rates and terms can change at any time, and a down payment may be required.

Get more information on Yanmar’s current low-rate financing.

Dealer Financing

We also have an extensive network of Yanmar dealers across the country that can help with your financing needs. It always pays to reach out to your local dealer to see what kinds of options they have available. While they might offer the same low-rate financing described above, they may also have additional options with other lenders in the area.

Banks and Credit Unions

Cars and trucks aren’t the only thing you can finance through your bank or credit union. In many places – especially agricultural areas – you can get a loan for the purchase of a tractor or other farming equipment. As with any significant purchase, it’s worth exploring all of the possibilities. However, banks and credit unions often have higher interest rates for these sorts of loans.

Yanmar Cash Rebates

There’s nothing like a great discount to keep your budget on track. That’s why Yanmar also offers a wide range of cash rebates for both tractors and essential tractor attachments. In fact, our current cash rebates provide some of the biggest savings we’ve ever offered. From hundreds back on the drum disc mower to thousands on the YT359C tractor, take advantage of these deals while they last.

View all current cash rebates available from Yanmar.

Exclusive Discounts

At Yanmar, it’s important for us to give back to those who serve our communities and country. Beyond our low-interest financing and cash rebates, we also offer exclusive savings for military, first responders, and teachers. First responders and military members just need to bring proof of service and ID to their local Yanmar dealer to receive the savings. Teachers can show a pay stub or school ID to claim this offer.

Other Buying Resources From Yanmar

In addition to helping you get the best prices possible, we also want to be a trusted partner you can turn to for research and information. As you move through your buying journey, this collection of resources can help inform the process.

Connect With Yanmar

If you’d like to learn more about the financing options and exclusive offers currently available from Yanmar, our team is standing by to help. We’ll work to understand your needs and find the best possible solution. Please don’t hesitate to connect with us today and get the conversation started.

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