Must-Have Tractor Attachments for Small Farms

Small farm owners know there’s nothing “small” about the amount of work to be done. The land requires maintenance each and every day to ensure a successful growing season. Between early mornings and late nights, it sometimes feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Fortunately, these must-have tractor attachments from Yanmar can save you valuable time and energy around the farm.

7 Must-Have Tractor Attachments for Small Farms

A tractor is already an essential tool for a small farm, and with the right attachments it becomes indispensable. Whether you’re just breaking ground for the first time or have decades of experience, you’re sure to benefit from adding any of these seven must-have Yanmar attachments to your arsenal.

Rotary Tiller

It’s one thing to turn over a garden bed by hand. But an entire field? Not so much. When you’re ready to get the soil prepared for planting, you can count on the rotary tiller to tackle the job. Thanks to the solid rotator shafts it smoothly penetrates deep into the ground and primes the soil for the season’s crops. Available in both forward and reverse rotation, the rotary tiller hits an impressive maximum depth of 7 inches.

Disc Harrows

Yanmar’s disc harrows provide much-needed versatility for a small farm. They can be used for applications ranging from primary tillage to firebreaks and weed control. With rugged six and seven-disc harrows, these attachments work fast to open and break up the soil for planting and landscaping. And, thanks to a 64-inch width the job will get done quickly and efficiently.

Four-In-One Planting Tool Kit

When you operate a small farm you have to do just about every job out there. Now there’s an attachment that can take some of those jobs off your plate in the four-in-one planting tool kit. It pairs the Yanmar bed shaper with a rotary tiller to help you till, raise and shape the bed in one pass. On top of that, the planting tool kit is capable of installing two irrigation drip tubes and plastic or paper mulch at the same time, condensing four processes into one easy job.

Rotary Cutter

Owning a small farm is about much more than just growing crops. There’s a lot of land maintenance involved as well. To make short work of clearing brush or cutting down weeds, trust the rotary cutter. Sized to work with compact tractors, the rotary cutter features a rugged frame, smooth slope-top deck, and quick-change blades that can handle anything you throw at them.

Tedder Rake

If horses and livestock are a key component of your farm, you likely need a consistent supply of hay. The Yanmar tedder rake is the best tool around for preparing cut and dried hay for baling. The single-pin height adjustment allows for precise control and maneuverability to get into tight spots so you can make the most of the crop. With a raking width of 86 inches, you’ll cover a lot of ground fast.

Round Baler

Once the hay is cut and has been prepared by the tedder rake, there’s nothing left to do but bale it. The round baler helps you create manageable 28” x 20” round bales that typically weigh less than 60 pounds at maximum density so they can easily be moved by hand when needed. A remote control panel also allows for easy bale gate open and close for simple management and maximum efficiency.

Quick Hitch

When you’re changing attachments between jobs, the last thing you want to do is break out the toolbox and spend your energy swapping them out. Thanks to the innovative Yanmar Quick Hitch, you’ll save both time and effort. It allows you to change from one three-point hitch to another without additional tools or dirty work. The Quick Hitch is compatible with most Yanmar attachments including rear blades, disc harrows, seeders, and tillers.

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No matter the season, there’s a Yanmar attachment that will make your life easier. Whether you need to clear feet of fresh snow or want putting-green-perfect grass, our attachments enhance the functionality of your tractor and take it to another level. To see the full lineup, explore our available attachments below.

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