7 Landscaping Tasks You Can Do With a Sub-Compact Tractor

When you own a plot of land there’s always landscaping maintenance to be done. Each job comes with its own set of special tools, and before you know it, your garage is overflowing and you’re struggling to find the time in the day to do it all.

Luckily, there’s a single tool that can handle your landscaping jobs while making your life easier: a sub-compact tractor. In this article we’ll explore seven common tasks you can tackle with a tractor, and the many excellent options available from Yanmar.

What is a Sub-Compact Tractor?

You might be wondering, what’s the difference between a compact tractor and a sub-compact tractor? Generally, sub-compact tractors are smaller in size and have a lower price point. While they might not have the same horsepower as a compact tractor, sub-compact tractors benefit from the same versatile features like 4WD, a front-end loader, and independent PTO.

Sub-compact tractors such as the SA Series from Yanmar are considered ideal for many common landscaping tasks including mowing, garden preparation, and snow removal. Thanks to their smaller stature, they’re more maneuverable in tight spaces and easier to store in a garage or shed.

7 Landscaping Tasks You Can Do With a Sub-Compact Tractor

Even though sub-compact tractors may be smaller in stature, they’re still capable of helping with a wide variety of work around your property. Here are seven landscaping tasks you can do with a sub-compact tractor.

Precision Mowing

If you own acres of land, mowing might take up your entire weekend. Fortunately, this is an area where sub-compact tractors excel. With the finish mower attachment, you can achieve precise, fairway-quality grass in a fraction of the time. Plus, because sub-compact tractors are not as heavy as their compact counterparts, the tires won’t damage your turf as you drive.

Clear Brush

Sometimes it seems like weeds and brush appear overnight. Before you know it they’re cluttering your fence line or crowding out other crops. When you have a sub-compact tractor equipped with a rotary cutter attachment, you can say goodbye to tedious weed whacking forever. Rotary cutters are built to handle tough conditions and clear acres of brush effectively and efficiently.

Create Garden Beds

Digging garden beds by hand is a huge pain. It requires hours of hard labor just to clear the area and turn over the soil. Using a sub-compact tractor with a backhoe, you can move the earth easily and create garden beds for everything from a hobby farm to a wildlife food plot. Then, with tillage attachments you can prepare the soil for planting and get your crops in the ground fast.

Plant Trees

Trees are notoriously difficult to plant. They’re awkward to move and need to be placed deep in the ground. Putting your tractor’s backhoe to work, you can quickly dig multiple holes that will accommodate large trees with well-established root balls. Once that’s ready, the tractor’s front-end loader can be used to lift and move the trees to your desired location.

Install Irrigation

There are numerous ways to install an irrigation system. Whether you’re digging a canal for surface irrigation or want to lay drip line, a sub-compact tractor is an essential tool. Yanmar’s Four-In-One Planting Tool Kit makes the process especially easy as it allows you to shape beds, lay mulch and install two irrigation drip tubes simultaneously.

Build Fencing

For a large plot of land, fencing is critical to keeping what you want in and what you don’t out. Thanks to the power of the front-end loader on your sub-compact tractor, you can make light work of moving posts, pickets, and rolls of wire across your property. Then, you can get them firmly set in the ground by utilizing the forged-steel teeth of the posthole digger attachment.

Move Material

Piles of mulch, gravel, sand, or fertilizer are no match for the front-end loader on a sub-compact tractor. You can quickly distribute all kinds of materials across your property in fewer trips than you would with a wheelbarrow or even a pickup truck. You can also leverage attachments like a grading scraper to level the ground and create a smooth, even surface.

Build Your Tractor

If you’re in the market for a sub-compact tractor, use Yanmar’s Custom Tractor Builder to create your ideal machine. This helpful feature allows you to customize everything from tire tread to accessories and attachments, and provides a quote of the expected MSRP. Start exploring today and see everything a Yanmar can do for you.

Build Your Tractor

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