Must-Have Attachments for New Tractor Owners

The right tractor attachments and implements can take your capabilities to a whole new level. These specialized tools allow you to accomplish a wide range of tasks no other machine can achieve on its own. If you’re a new tractor owner, you might be wondering: Which attachments do I really need?

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more about the most useful tractor attachments every Yanmar owner should consider.

6 Must-Have Tractor Attachments for New Owners

If you’re a new tractor owner, you’ve probably imagined all of the possibilities it can bring to your property. Here are six essential attachments to help you accomplish a wide range of important jobs.

Rotary Tiller

Whether you’re planning to start a hobby farm or are tired of turning over your garden’s soil by hand, the rotary tiller attachment is sure to save you significant time and effort. No matter what kind of soil you have, the rotary tiller’s high-strength steel blades work deep into the ground with four different depth settings to help create ideal conditions for planting. This is also an excellent choice for new tractor owners as it requires minimal maintenance thanks to the self-sharpening tines.

Four-In-One Planting Toolkit

If you want the easiest way to create perfect garden beds, look no further than the four-in-one planting toolkit. This unique tractor attachment from Yanmar allows you to till, shape beds, lay mulch, and lay drip tubes all in a single pass. Depending on your needs, it can even install two irrigation drip tubes or drip tapes simultaneously. With the added capability of being able to detach the tiller from the bed shaper in seconds, this attachment is the definition of versatility.

Landscape Rake

Even with just a few acres of land, property cleanup can be a daunting task. However, when your tractor is equipped with a landscape rake the job becomes a whole lot easier. Many owners constantly find new uses for this attachment, ranging from cleaning up debris around construction sites to distributing topsoil and gravel with precision. Built from strong, durable steel, the landscape rake never backs down from a challenge.

Box Scraper 

Once your land is cleaned up, give it a perfect finish with the Yanmar box scraper. This attachment is excellent for spreading materials like soil and gravel, as well as grading, leveling, and backfilling things like gravel driveways or walking paths around your property. The Yanmar box scraper is a level up from other options on the market thanks to high-carbon, double-beveled, reversible cutting edges that allow you to move and cut in both forward and reverse.

Snow Removal Attachments

When you live in an area that sees significant snowfall, you know you can’t skip a day of clearing it or you’ll pay. Before you know it, the snow is piled high and you have a lot of heavy lifting on your hands. Instead of dreading winter storms, embrace them with snow removal attachments for your tractor. Yanmar snow blades and snow blowers easily move crusted, icy, wet, and powdery snow fast. The snow blower is especially efficient with a two-stage design that provides more throwing force with less horsepower. Best of all, you can do it out of the elements from the comfort of the operator’s seat.

Finish Mower

Have you always dreamed of having picture-perfect, golf-course-quality grass? Turn those dreams into reality with the finish mower. This rear-mount attachment has heat-treated, alloy steel blades for a high-precision cut on any type of grass, and a rounded-front, tapered-side, rear-discharge deck for optimal maneuverability. Should you have serious overgrowth to deal with first, consider the rotary cutter as well. This powerful attachment is ideal for clearing brush and weeds with ease.

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