What You Need for Digging, Loading, and Lifting

Having the right tools is critical to getting the job done efficiently and effectively. With a Yanmar tractor, you can customize the features to ensure you’re equipped for the challenges you face on a daily basis. If you’re considering which model might be right for you, these are the features and attachments available for digging, loading, and lifting.

Essential Tractor Features

When you’re counting on your tractor for heavy-lifting chores, there are certain components you can’t compromise on. They’re central to the operation of the machine, and can be challenging to add on later. These are some of the essentials you’ll find available across the Yanmar tractor models.

Front-End Loader

A front-end loader is the feature that most commonly comes to mind when you think of a tractor. It’s a square or rectangular bucket attached to a set of arms on the front of the machine. A highly versatile feature, the front-end loader allows you to lift and move large amounts of loose material quickly and efficiently. This could be everything from gravel and sand to snow and manure. It can also be used for digging and moving material for grading or leveling operations.

Some factors to consider with a front-end loader include front-lift capacity, bucket size, and ease of attachment. Both lift capacity and bucket size determine how much weight and volume you can move. For example, the SA Series has a max lift capacity of 1,200 lbs at the pivot pin, while the larger YM Series models push that to 2,500 lbs. Yanmar tractors put an emphasis on ease of use, with all models offering quick-attach systems to make changing loader attachments fast and easy.


The backhoe is a powerful tool for both digging and lifting. It’s attached to the back of the tractor and consists of a boom, an extendable arm, and a bucket. Primarily used for digging applications, a backhoe gives you the functionality of an excavator in a compact, easy-to-use format. You can quickly dig a drainage ditch or space for a sewer line in a fraction of the time it would take to do it by hand. A backhoe can also be used for simple lifting tasks like moving logs or construction materials.

Independent Power Take Off

When you’re running attachments with your tractor, an especially useful feature is an independent power take off (PTO). The Yanmar YM3 is the only model in the lineup that includes what is known as an E-PTO. It allows you to run the engine at a lower RPM while still maintaining a higher RPM at the rear PTO. This innovative feature comes with numerous benefits including fuel savings, reduced vibration, and reduced noise.

Tractor Attachments for Digging, Loading, and Lifting

There are a number of digging, loading, and lifting attachments that have a specific function to help increase the capabilities of your tractor. They can be added on at any time, including as you build out your ideal configuration.

Bale Spear

A bale spear is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a steel spear that’s typically attached to the front-end loader. This attachment allows you to easily penetrate and lift large bales of hay for stacking in the field or loading onto a truck. With Yanmar tractors, you have the option of both a single spear or double spear. For heavier bales, a double spear is preferred for the additional leverage it provides.

Pallet Fork

With a pallet fork you can equip your tractor with the functionality of a forklift. Also attached to the front-end loader, it provides a two-pronged fork with a flat surface. This is especially helpful for lifting applications. Some common uses of a pallet fork include moving and hauling logs, stacking bales, and lifting heavy materials to a roof or elevated storage area. A pallet fork is a customizable feature that can be easily added to any Yanmar tractor build.

Quick Hitch

The Yanmar Quick Hitch makes changing attachments easier than ever. It lets you switch three-point attachments ranging from mowers to tillers without any additional tools or getting dirty and greasy. If you plan on using your tractor for a wide variety of functions, it’s a must-have feature that will save you significant time and effort in the long run.

Posthole Digger

Whether you’re installing a new fence or building an add-on to your deck, you’ll be glad to have the posthole digger. The attachment from Yanmar comes with heavy-duty, welded construction, and forged-steel teeth to stand up to the toughest soil conditions. It also includes three auger bit options to give you the variety of diameters you need to complete just about any job.

Build Your Tractor

No matter how you plan to use your tractor, there’s an option to meet your needs. With the Yanmar custom tractor builder, you can customize any of our models with your perfect combination of attachments and additional features. Give it a try today and discover why so many count on Yanmar for their farming and agricultural jobs of all sizes.

Build Your Tractor

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