How to Use the Yanmar YT3 Series Throttle Boost

About Yanmar YT3 Series Tractors

If you have lots of land to cover and need a powerful machine up to the task, look no further than Yanmar YT3 Series tractors. Packed with up to 59 horsepower and 2,500 lbs of lift capacity at the pivot pin, these tractors are built for hard work. 

In addition to the impressive measurables, the technology featured in the YT3 Series makes operation smooth and simple. No other compact tractor on the market can offer the integrated hydraulic mechanical transmission (i-HMT), which provides benefits like high power transfer ratio, repeatable operating speeds, and clutchless shifting.

While YT3 Series tractors can stand up to your toughest jobs, they also allow you to operate in comfort. The optional cab includes heating and air conditioning so you can work in any weather, and advanced air filtration keeps dirt and debris on the outside.

How Yanmar Throttle Boost Works

With the simple press of a button, throttle boost delivers more speed instantly to help with your heavy lifting. Conveniently located on the loader joystick, when pressed the throttle boost button allows you to raise the engine to its max RPMs that have been set in A/B mode. Despite the increase in engine activity, your ground speed will not increase.

One of the best uses for throttle boost is when you need careful movement in tight spaces. For example, when loading bales in a hay shed, you want extra power to lift the bales, but need to maintain a consistent ground speed to avoid a crash in the confined area. The throttle boost feature provides the best of both worlds, with instant power to your loader and precise control of the machine.

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When you own a Yanmar tractor, you benefit from some of the best technology in the industry. Our dedicated Customer Experience Team is here to help you work smarter and harder with expert advice on how to utilize these features and make the most of your machine. If you want to learn more about everything Yanmar has to offer, please don’t hesitate to connect with us online or give us a call at 678-551-7369.

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