About The Throttle Boost: Ladies And Gentlemen, Rev Your Engines!

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Why would you want to do that you may ask? For example, when you are doing loader work with your Yanmar tractor model YT347 or YT359.

Keeping the engine RPMS at the desired level keeps the lift and lower and bucket dump and return actions on your front loader prompt and responsive to make the job go quickly and comfortably.

Throttle Boost can also help when you need to maintain the power to the wheels you need to drive the loader bucket into the material you are trying to scoop without stalling the engine.

Yanmar YT3 Series tractor come with a standard THROTTLE BOOST feature. The Throttle Boost control button is conveniently located on the loader joystick so you don’t have to move your hand from the joystick control to increase the engine RPMS when needed.

Often when you are doing loader work you are in a limited space such as a hay shed, horse or cattle barn, or doing construction/landscaping work close to buildings and other obstacles. You definitely don’t want to increase your travel speed by boosting your engine RPM in these areas; you definitely don’t want to rebuild that barn or gazebo!

In addition, remember when operating a Yanmar YT3 Series tractor, that you should avoid performing loader work with the range shift lever in the 3rd speed range position. When the range shift lever is at 3, Throttle Boost is turned off. Throttle Boost is only active when the range shift lever is in the 1st and 2nd speed range positions. Also remember that the Throttle Boost engine RPMs will not exceed the maximum RPM setting for the A/B mode settings you are simultaneously using.

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