YT Series Backhoe Remove and Reinstall     

Today we are going to discuss how to remove and reinstall a frame mounted, four-point, B-75 or B-90 backhoe from your YT 235, YT 347, or YT 359 tractor. We will discuss the key points of safety, controls, removal, proper storage and re-installation.

Before operating the tractor, be sure to read and understand all operating and safety instructions in the operator’s manual as well as those posted on the machine.

When operating the tractor, make sure to wear eye and hearing protection and safety shoes. Do not wear loose fitting clothing or anything that could become caught in the machine during operation.

The YT tractors are designed with versatility in mind. When you need a backhoe, it is easy to install. When you need to install other attachments, it is easy to remove. Always remember to practice safety and happy digging!

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