7 Simple Summer Tractor Projects

Summertime means warm weather, long days, and plenty of opportunity to tackle projects around your property. However, not everything needs to be an excruciating undertaking. There are many simple and beneficial jobs you can accomplish in a single day with the help of a compact tractor. Read on to discover easy and impactful ideas.

7 Simple Summer Tractor Projects

If you want to stay productive, but aren’t up for a major project, there are many ways you can utilize your land. These are some simple options to make progress this summer without wearing yourself out.

Driveway Repairs

Between winter storms and spring showers, a gravel drive can get pretty beat up by the time summer arrives. Instead of endlessly hitting bumps and bouncing around, take a day to do some driveway repairs. Using your tractor’s backhoe, dig out the area around potholes and fill them with fresh gravel. Then, compact them by running the tractor over the space several times. To finish off the job, spread a new layer of gravel across the entire driveway and give it a pass with the grading scraper attachment for a perfectly level surface.

Plant Trees

Planting trees has many benefits for your property. They can serve as a windbreak, offer shade for animals, reduce erosion, and so much more. Despite the advantages, the most difficult part is digging the deep holes needed to plant them in the ground. Fortunately, a tractor equipped with the posthole digger attachment can help you plant a small orchard in a single day. The heavy-duty construction allows it to work through tough soil in a matter of minutes. Of course, always consult the owner’s manual for proper operating procedures before you dig.

Prepare Garden Beds

Summer is a great time to turn over your soil and get some space ready for future planting. Even if you’re not ready to grow this season, a single day of preparation can give you a big head start next year. Use your tractor to dig and level the land, then work in amendments like compost and fertilizer with any of the helpful tillage attachments. After that, all that’s left to do is choose which crops you want to enjoy.

Create Trails

Whether you have five acres or 50, one of the most enjoyable parts of owning land is exploring. No matter what type of terrain you’re working with, you can count on a compact tractor to handle a wide array of jobs. For example, the rotary cutter can help make overgrown areas accessible again, while the landscape rake quickly clears debris. This makes for a fast and easy way to open up the potential of your property. If you are operating on uneven or difficult terrain, always take a careful approach and ensure you’re utilizing your tractor’s safety features.

Collect and Process Firewood

If your land is filled with downed trees, spend a summer day cleaning up and collecting them for firewood. Beyond having heat for the winter months, you’ll also remove fire hazards and habitats where mice and other pests like to hang out. Despite the weight of the logs, a tractor equipped with a claw grapple can lift and move them to your processing location with ease when you follow operating procedures outlined in the owner’s manual. Even if you don’t use much firewood, you can sell the surplus to friends and neighbors. Depending on the quality, a cord of wood typically sells for anywhere from $100 to $400.

Move and Organize

When you have a lot of big chores ahead of you, it can be easy to ignore the small stuff. Sometimes taking just one day to get organized will make a positive impact on everything else you do. It could be moving extra bales of hay out of the elements into a covered area or clearing a drainage ditch where water is backing up. Getting them off your list once and for all means less to stress about. 

Catch Up on Maintenance

Basic tractor maintenance like checking fluids and tire pressure should be done daily. Despite this regular attention, it can be easy to lose track of some of the larger milestones. Unfortunately, a lapse in care can lead to downtime when you need your tractor the most. To ensure you don’t miss important maintenance, consult our tractor service roadmap and owner's manual to stay on schedule all summer long.

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