Sub-Compact Tractor Uses for Every Season

The United States is a massive country, with nearly 3.8 million square miles of land. With this huge geographic area, it means winter in the South looks totally different than what the Midwest is experiencing. 

Luckily, no matter where you live, you can count on Yanmar’s sub-compact tractors to help you handle your toughest jobs. Read on to discover some of the best ways to put your tractor to use in every season.

Fall Uses for a Sub-Compact Tractor

When fall arrives, a lot of the hard work of summer is already paying off. However, there’s plenty of preparation needed for when temperatures start getting colder. Here are a few ways to make the process easier.

Property Cleanup

Whether it’s piles of fallen leaves that need to be mulched or garden beds that have to be cleared out, a sub-compact tractor will make quick work of cleanup tasks. Attachments like the landscape rake cover lots of ground fast, picking up stones, branches, and other debris with precision. By tidying up during the fall, you’ll hit the ground running come spring.

Hay Baling

As late summer turns to early fall, it’s time to harvest and bale the hay that will keep livestock fed through the winter months. When you have a Yanmar sub-compact tractor, you have access to specialty tools that can take on both jobs. The drum disc mower will make sure you don’t miss an inch of hay, while the round baler creates easy-to-manage bales you can quickly distribute throughout your property.


If you live in a climate where winter comes with snow or rain, it’s critical to make sure any sensitive equipment or materials are cleaned up. Instead of exhausting yourself, let your tractor do the heavy lifting. Sub-compact tractors like the Yanmar SA Series are packed with plenty of power. These machines have up to 1,200 lbs. of front lift capacity at the pivot pin, and as much as 24 horsepower.

Winter Uses for a Sub-Compact Tractor

Many people put their tractor into storage for the winter, but there’s still plenty you can do working in cold weather. These are just two of the possible applications for the season. 

Snow Blowing and Plowing

Putting your tractor to work plowing and blowing snow is a sure way to win over your neighbors. The snow removal attachments for Yanmar sub-compact tractors will make you swear off shovels forever. The front loader snow blade is easy to equip when the weather changes fast, and the snow blower utilizes a two-stage system to offer more throwing force with less horsepower.

Animal Management

When you have animals on your property there are no days off. No matter how cold it gets, they count on you to provide them with the essentials they need to survive. Fortunately, a sub-compact tractor equipped with a heated cab will keep you comfortable on even the worst winter days. Do everything from spreading feed to cleaning stalls while avoiding the elements.

Spring Uses for a Sub-Compact Tractor

Spring is where you lay the groundwork for all the success that follows in the summer. When there’s no time to waste, count on a sub-compact tractor to help with these tasks.

Grading and Leveling

Freezing snow and heavy rains wreak havoc on surfaces like roads and gravel driveways. With grading and leveling attachments for your tractor, you can get them back into shape in a hurry. A few passes with a grading scraper and the bumps and potholes will disappear from your heavy-use surfaces.

Prepare for Planting

Tired of turning over garden beds by hand? Want to save your knees and back from digging in the dirt? A sub-compact tractor is the powerful planting tool you’ve been looking for. These machines are easily maneuverable in tight spaces, and there are numerous tillage attachments that cover wide swaths of land in a single pass while digging deep into the soil. 

Property Maintenance

Having the right infrastructure is key to working effectively. The spring is the perfect time to break ground on new roads, clean up fallen trees from winter, and build new fencing. Thankfully Yanmar tractors are up for all of these property maintenance jobs. With a single machine, you can tackle your to-do list in record time.

Summer Uses for a Sub-Compact Tractor

Whether your summer temperatures are sublime or sweltering, this is the season to maximize your output. Here are a few ways your tractor can help during the hottest months.


Riding lawn mowers have their purpose, but they can’t match the power, efficiency, and versatility of a sub-compact tractor. If you have many acres to maintain, a finish mower attachment will give you golf course quality grass in a fraction of the time. Thanks to rounded front corners and tapered deck sides, maneuverability and grass discharge is greatly improved over other options.

Clearing Brush

Depending on which region of the country you live in, you might not even need it to be summer for weeds and brush to grow out of control. A sub-compact tractor will help you fight back the overgrowth, clearing miles of fence line with ease. A single-spindle rotary cutter will get rid of just about anything growing where you don’t want it to.

General Landscaping

There’s no reason a productive property can’t look good, too. A sub-compact tractor is the ultimate tool for just about any landscaping job you can dream of. Want to move some rocks for a retaining wall? The claw grapple will pick them up and drop them exactly where you want. Planting a line of trees for a windbreak? Save yourself time and effort digging holes with the posthole digger. The only limit to what you can accomplish is your imagination.

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